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Photos from India: Rajasthan – Someone

Nenchuk was standing over me as I came to. At that moment though, it could have been any of them. The sun was over on my left side now. I could feel the skin peeling on both sides of my arms.

“How much longer should I lie here?” I asked.

“You should lie here brother until the sun burns out and the moon starts to cool your skin” he replied. Then he walked away.

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Photos from India – Rajasthan: Little Girl

The old man smiled and wobbled his head. He watched the strange man with the little black box standing in front of his daughter. He looked up from the box and told her to smile more. The old man understood. He shouted to her. She started to laugh. The man looked back into the box and clicked, taking the last of those little laughs and locking them up, inside his little black box.

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