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Messages in Bottles – Part Two

The following photographs are of a sort of literary street art project I worked on with the help of my close friend Anders Rostad. All bottles washed up onto the streets of downtown Los Angeles and contained anonymous letters from five young people struggling to cope with the pressures of their lives.



One Letter




Two Letter




Three Letter




Four Letter




Five Letter




Six Letter


Thank you for your interest. I’ll post the letters over the next couple of days.

Please feel free to share x


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Short Cut Stories


After thinking long and hard about what I could use Tumblr for, I think I might have it!

I’ve had this new idea and I want you guys to have a look, let me know what you think and even to contribute.

The idea is to write a story in a single sentence. You graffiti your story, take a picture of it and post it on the page. Get creative about your sentence and your location.

Each sentence must be no more than 20 words or so. It must have a number on it. And it must have your initials at the bottom. Otherwise, do what you like!

I love you guys

RG x

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