My name is Ross Gardiner. I am a 26 year old writer from the Highlands of Scotland.

And you were probably directed from here:


For the next few of months I intend to update this site every day with a piece of creative writing inspired by photographs salvaged from the homes of the dead.

There will be explanations, methods and logic explained as time passes, but for now, that will be that.

Thanks for visiting

Ross x

207 thoughts on “About

  1. Hoda says:

    I saw your video on youtube of getting off facebook, and it was really really good.

    • Identidades Líquidas says:

      Ross, Im in love with you!! JAJAJAJAJAJA
      Your video is amazing. My comment has nothing different from the others…
      I assume most people, including me, who are still on facebook, think the exact same way.

    • Angela says:

      Same. Very impressed with your video. Deleting my facebook page now actually. Quite liberating. Now I can spend my time actually doing the things I said I “liked” doing- getting outside, writing again, playing music, actually being with friends. Thanks man.


    • psyche says:

      hello ross you are really good. i wanna know more about you if it’s okay

  2. Mindaugas says:

    I saw your video ‘getting off facebook’ and i agree with you and i think it is inspirational. And do you really work in South Korea, if so, then i am jelous and i hope someday i will be able to work there.

  3. Carolina says:

    Yes, I saw it too. It was very inspiring and intresting video 🙂

  4. Charly says:

    I’m clean since 6month 😉

  5. daddy_graffiti says:


    Amazed by your video on Facebook. You should also check : http://suicidemachine.org/

    Enjoy your real life !

  6. Catherine says:

    LOL on your excellent “You need to get off facebook ”

    (hold on …. there’s something on this bus window….)

    Seriously, though, if you were my son I would be so proud of you, you are smart and sweet and sharp like my three children now grown, ages 31, 26, and 23. You are a gifted writer.

    All the Best,


  7. úCA says:

    nice job with “you need to get off facebook” video!

  8. Kristy says:

    I think you are fantastic. I have been off facebook for a month and it is liberating. I constantly shocked at how people look at me when they hear I am not “connected.” Now they have to talk to me in real life. Imagine that. I could not agree with you more and I think you are wonderful from what I saw. Inspiring delivery.

  9. Maria says:

    I was amazed with your video about Facebook! Everything was so true! 🙂

  10. ola says:

    oh… i saw your movie… u r amazing… i really wanna met you! 😦

  11. Long time i watched you’r journal’s. You amuse me Ross Gardiner.

  12. Joana says:

    ironicly.. gostei de ti

  13. Freedom, by the way says:

    Loved your video. I’ve never had a facebook account (privacy is a big thing with me–I don’t even tell my identity on my blog–only my true friend know for sure) but have been chided for that decision. Now, whenver someone asks me why I’m not on Facebook, I’m sending a link to your video!

  14. "Foca!" (I Love Portugal) says:

    I love your video “You need get off Facebook” and it makes me think about it… All my best for you, “Foca!”

  15. Cynthia N. says:

    Thanks so much 🙂

  16. Zombree says:

    I saw your Get off Facebook video, it was totally true & so awesome. Inspired me a lot to break my facebook addiction.

    XOXO- Zombree

  17. Justina says:

    Yes. You are right. This is your wonderful blog (:

  18. Jamie says:

    You’re thought process seems so unhindered by everything around you, and it’s actually a breath of fresh air listening to what you have to say. I hope your travels to India help you find what your looking for in yourself and the world around you, their both beautiful places.

  19. Dasha says:

    (I’m sorry for my english) Ross, your “get of facebook” video is amazing… Though I don’t really understand what’s internet dependence… i never spend more then 10 minutes per day for cheking my page… but I do have friends whO needed to watch your video to realize how many opportunities they lose everyday/// I agree with you that a real socialization doesn’t need a social network, coz we’ve lost the real meaning of this… we change it into entertainment, and we preffer to abandon our life, our friends and the face-to-face communication in exchange to the opportunity of leaving an imaginary life in a virtual world, crossed by the streets of missunderstandings and hidden from real emotions.

  20. Asia says:

    Hey! I saw your video and it’s really great!
    good luck! 🙂

  21. Sheena says:

    I wonder if you anticipated that your video would send you this much traffic. I’ll be enjoying your stories, thanks.

  22. A says:

    I know everyone else already said it..guess I’m no different than them on this..

    But hey, I really liked your vid about getting off facebook…the thought was nice and original and you doing a few facial expressions along it made it even better.
    I think you’re absolutely right about it, tho, but the way I always saw it was…I only add people I know and if I get a request from someone I always hated, I just ignore it…it gets me into some shite sometimes, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less about that, hah! Freedom of speech 😉

    Loving your stories aswell here, I like the way you write 🙂

    cheers! x

  23. Kezzy Forwzy says:

    Keep up the good work, I’ll subscribe. You’ve peaked my interest 🙂

  24. j3nnipark says:

    Like everyone here, I enjoyed your youtube video on fb too. Thank you!

  25. Sanni says:

    Isn’t it ironic, that I had to find you through Facebook. Never the less, I think your video was genius, and your writing is absolutely fantastic.

    I want more!

  26. Melani says:

    Even after reading the About part, I realised that you’re going to be one of my favorites here in this blog world.
    Keep up the good work!
    : )

  27. Chelsea says:

    I think your fucking amazing. Thank you for your stories and videos.

  28. Rose says:

    Loved your writing. Read it all. Keep at it, Rosie

  29. Peter says:

    I showed ‘You need to get off facebook’ to my class today and we briefly discussed your proposition.
    We have now decided to have a full-scale debate on the pros and cons of facebook. Thank you for the stimulus, it’s great!

  30. Viv says:

    Are you the performer in the get off Fb video? if so, you should get yourself an agent, you’re wasted teaching English in S.Korea!!!

  31. Goncalo says:

    I’m clean for +6 months!

  32. Emily says:

    Really I think you’re lovely. As is your writing. So let’s not forget that you’re magnificent and have a most spectacular day!

  33. Lydia says:

    i’m sitting here. i’m trying to watch some shitty movie but the website i’m using makes it so that every 75 minutes I have to wait 30 minutes until I can start watching again. Whatever, it’s stupid, but it actually gives me time to have a life. I stumbled upon your blog because of the facebook video (like many before me obviously) and I just read part 3 of your going away party, didn’t really bother to look for the first 2 parts (which was stupid because all I had to do was scroll, once again, obviously). I like it a lot. It’s impressive. Even though reading “ma” a lot started to piss me off. Just a little. Reminds me of someone. Regardless, it was a time killer, the good kind.

  34. John C says:

    I saw your FB video while on FB. Nice!

    Any tool will be used where half the users will have less than average [intelligence]. 🙂 The question I pose is whether the tool is a [good] one or not. FB is an early generation social networking tool in our digital infancy. Consider what we managed pre-internet, and use your wildest imagination for what will come next.

    Thank you for a very interesting video!

  35. Caroline says:

    Haha this will probably never even meet your eyes, but oh well, I have a personal policy of straight forwardness, I saw your video bla bla bla of course, (but not on facebook, la dee da, which I dont have la dee da) and found you, and your message wildly attractive. I know nothing will come from this, but its just one of those things Ill regret if I dont do. So hi! And hears some of my portfolio, to prove that Im not a complete waste.

  36. Vallie says:

    my old roommate just sent me this video. thru email. i deleted my facebook account about 5 months ago. it was ridiculous. your video was true to the max and i hope more people think about their deep rooted obsession with checking it dozens of times daily and whatnot. ironically, in one of my university classes we had to make a facebook account for something.. our professor said she thought everyone would like it. i found out i was the only on in the class without a facebook and when i shared a similar feeling like the one in your video about facebook, everyone told me i took it too seriously and that everyone knows those people aren’t really your friends, etc. it was such bullshit. they were all too afraid to face life without facebook. to have to call or write a letter to their friends to say hello was too difficult. i ended up realizing that i only truly had a handful of friends, and those were the folks that still talked to me after i got rid of facebook.

    anyway, i just wanted to say your video was clever, spot on, candid, and quite honestly adorable (sorry. i went there. i would be lying if i said i only watched the video purely for it’s context.. although i was right there with you on every page.) you should read this article. http://chronicle.com/article/Faux-Friendship/49308/ my class had to read it when we were asked to make a facebook – that’s how my opinion of what facebook really is was lovingly shared with a room full of kids 4 or 5 years younger than i.

    feel free to write me. a pen pal. perhaps we can become *gasp* real friends. i know nothing else about you except what you wrote in the video, but if you feel like getting to know someone, my email is open.
    best wishes, mister,

  37. s cummings says:

    Good job.
    It is nice to see a piece of work that gets people thinking.
    You are very lucky to have the talent to write so well, express yourself and tell your stories to everyone.
    What people need to realise is that everyone in the world has a story to tell.
    When you walk down a street late at night, behind every closed curtain is a whole universe tucked up in bed dreaming a thousand more.
    Millions of people have stories to tell and they each take a lifetime to tell- the only way to fully know these stories is to be by their sides as it happens.
    Live, don’t comment!

  38. Laura Jiannaras says:

    Regarding your recent project as videod, something about getting of facebook (lolx:o)! >>> Incredible work. you thought this up all by yourself? collaborators? who you smiling at? Top rate short film if i know my categories, and if not, well it’s the top of whatever is appropriate. hats off, this is one hell of a fun thinker.

    • Laura Jiannaras says:

      and I’ll be damned if you couldn’t pass for J McAvoy especially with a smile that causes all distractions :o) best wishes!

  39. Fredrique says:

    Are your stories ONLY fictional. Not a trace of truth or personal experience? *-* I was hoping this would be stories from your real life! That would be so cool. And comfort for me!

  40. Markéta says:

    Well guy,
    I enjoyed your video like many others. Ironically I was watching it on FB.. and took a think about my account.
    But I´m grateful to M.Z. and others who made Facebook. It´s really easier to be in touch with friends on FB than to write emails and send photos to everyone.
    I agree that´s possible to loose myself in here, to loose consciusness of my real identity.
    It´s quality school to contemplate feelings and fears about judging and popularity. I´m glad to have this opportunity.
    What I really don´t think is, that getting off Facebook change something inside me. I´d find something another what I could identify with.
    It´s in people. It is not in Facebook.

  41. Renaud says:

    Nice video, nice blog, nice job.
    Thank you 🙂

  42. BJ Leiderman says:


    I’m the composer of theme music on NPR. Thanks for making me laugh.


  43. Karen says:

    Hi! I saw your video and thought it was very good, I was very impressed with everything you said, well, you wrote hehe and well you are totally true… but I’m not actually here to talk about your video, sorry for making this but, in your video you say that you are an english teacher in South Korea, and I was wondering: how did you do it? I really want with all my heart to go to either Korea or Japan to teach english, but I don’t know how, probably you could help me out??…

    Thanks so much!

  44. Christopher says:

    Such excellent work, many thanks! Still teaching?

  45. Mirjana says:

    I know you’re probably not going to respond to this.
    But you really are that “push” most people need to get off of facebook. It’s such a liberating feeling to not have the urge/connection to the outside world other than a simple phone call.

    : )

  46. Erika says:

    I, too, am here because of the Facebook video. Thank you for that. I’m happy to have found you here and am looking forward to reading your writing. Very very cool. And way inspiring. xx

  47. Rukie says:

    Hello Ross I liked both of your short stories making more? loved to read them

  48. Hi Ross.

    First of all I would like to say great work with your brand new youtube video. I have also spend way to much time on FB back in time but today I only use it very often and most of it is closed. I think many people does not think about what they publish online, and they do not think about what they are saying when speaking with others online.

    Since more and more people has gone online, it is harder to meet normal people out in the streets, at koncerts or other places then it is to meet them online. But when people meet online they could just go to a chat room or something like that instead.

    I have bookmarked your blog and subscribed you on youtube.

  49. Mandz says:

    U R sekc Ross Gardiner Im going to make you a Facebook fan page! LOL.

  50. Lesha says:

    As a closet Facebook addict, I must say, I loved your ‘Get Off Facebook’ video. It certainly seems to have brought you a lot of attention, kudos. Something about you seemed very poignant, which I guess is why I am writing this (very out of character for me and I feel kinda weird doing it). So anyway, thanks for your video and imagination, you’re very talented. I look forward to reading more from you. x

  51. jonáš says:

    i don’t think im getting off of facebook anytime soon, even though you’re absolutely right.

    your video touched me though… with your smile, and the music and south korea and the people walking around and even though your message’s positive, there’s some strange, imense sadness about the video, i can’t explain it. i guess you look sad… but then i get really happy when you smile 🙂

    yeah.. that’s it.
    thanks, man.

    i want to go to south korea real bad.
    also – you should check the band Aspidistrafly. i think they’re from south korea. it’s beautiful ambient stuff…

  52. Ross,
    Wow, doing big things. Too bad we never got a chance to do anything together. Good luck with everything and maybe you’ll come back someday.

  53. mariakirsten says:

    you seem to be getting a lot of response to your de-facebook video here, and although that’s what brought me to your blog, it’s now sitting on my mental back burner. your writing’s lovely, and i hope people appreciate it just as much as your pretty face ;P

  54. Kirsten says:

    It has been my experience to approach someone’s work with a sense of “If I couldn’t do it, then someone will.”

    And you have. A story that no one but “you” could have written with such emotive tidal waves of dimension.

    Were these blogs pages found in a three story barn filled with literature for sale, I would not buy it and take it home. Instead I would find a comfortable seat amongst the dusty floor and read it then and there.

    And once convinced I was just rifting the surface of excellence, then I would buy it and take it home. As a story remembered.

    Thank you for sharing with us. I would also like to share with you. http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/Kirstyylee/677308/

  55. Fredrique, again says:

    Hey! you inspired me to travel! with this blog. hey, you are a person who likes to travel a lot, right?

    I did something with my inspiration. so, this summer, Im going to America thanks to you!

    thank you.

    • Well I always thought of myself as being a bit of a wandering cat, but I’m actually more of house cat. I like to get comfortable and suss a place out. But Enjoy America man, it’s a wonderful country! x

  56. Sara says:

    I LOVED your video about getting off facebook. Very inspirational. I hope that that day comes when I have as much courage as you to take a step away from the computer and live my life for real, rather than through a computer. I also must say, you are adorable. Thank you for opening my eyes. All the best,


    Amazing!!!! super realistic

  58. Figotka says:

    Only three words: You are amazing 🙂

  59. Hello,

    I know you’ve seem a million comments that is the same as what I am about to say. But I believe that people who makes a little difference in someone’s life should be appreciated. Well as you have already guessed, my comments is about your video about ‘Facebook’. You video struck me. No, it did not make me delete my facebook, I don’t think that’ll ever happen. But you did get me to stop wasting my life by liking all those pathetic ‘groups’ that seem to claim that they tell our lives. I could have been off doing something way more productive in that time. And so you should know that you made that little difference in my life. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. In my case it was a small one but still it was a difference. So thank you.

    Also, I am pretty sure what I am about to say is inappropriate, but you are kind of cute. On the video, the little smirks and facial expression you did made me smile.

    Also, it’s good what you’re doing for the kids by teaching them English. I wish I could do something for someone with my life.

    Have a good life.

  60. […] deze jongen die ook hier schrijft. Dit bericht is geplaatst in P en getagd met contact, Facebook, social media, therapie, […]

  61. Michael says:

    Saw your video on how to get off facebook like so many others apparently have too, but thought i would still take the time to say thankyou, for saying what i have been thinking and feeling, thanks to you im going to be downgrading my facebook to family and close friends only, purely to swap our photos and organise events, but im going to learn to communicate now the old fashioned way! You may not feel like the most amazing person on this world but your definitely an inspiration. xo Michael.

  62. Kim says:

    I saw your video too (like a lot of people did); liked it a lot, I shared it on my blog (not on facebook, HA)

  63. Meredith says:

    Hello, I know you probably won’t read this, but I just felt the need to be one of thousands to express how much you inspire me. Your youtube video was actually really thought provoking, and I’m seriously contemplating getting off of Facebook.
    Your blog is also incredible. You are a very talented writer and you seem to have a truly individual mind. You and I are alike in some ways, we should totally get coffee sometime. I’ll fly to South Korea. I think I sound like an over zealous fan girl/a creep. Oh well!

    A tout a l’heure 🙂

    Je t’adore!

    • Haha, thank you very much for your kind words! The thing is I don’t really think that Facebook is anything particularly bad, the video was just about how people use it. Don’t get rid of it, get off it. x

  64. Shari says:

    I saw your FB film and loved it!
    I just wanted to hug you in a strange stalker kind of way. Don’t stop filming, writing… you are an inspiration!

    love your work

  65. Brian W. says:

    Hey, seems like I’m in with the majority here, by being so intrigued by your film “You need to get off Facebook”. I can concur with you on so many points made in that film, and you brought up a few I never even thought of. I do use Facebook, I will admit, and I”m not ashamed for I feel about the same as most who dispise the site.
    I am actually going to start reading your blog after posting this comment, but wished to thank you for some actual good intentioned enterainment that also makes a decent point in the process. Not very often does the internet portray people like yourself as a great person, it is always about the glamour, the fame, and the money. Sociaty has been going this way for a while, and facebook seems to promote it well. All media does. A teacher in South Korea? No prestige, probably not a lot of money, no glamour, no fame. Artistic and intelligent. Life as it should be. Too bad I can’t find many women like that around here. 😛
    Keep up the awesome work.

  66. Farz says:

    I saw your video on youtube, good work! But stop wasting so much of paper 😮

    Oh, and you should smile more often. It looks good on you 🙂

  67. jischinger says:

    i bet this all seems weird

  68. Goddy says:

    I think that teacher in South Korea is really amazing. All my korean friends are really kind. And gentle. Maybe just only good friends.
    Nice blog. I would like to read it one day.. But now my english is not good enough.

  69. Jose Carapeto says:

    Thanks Ross for your video. Its everything true in those papers.


    JC from Portugal

  70. sparkle says:

    I was clean for 3 months, but j’ai replongé.. sad smiley f***er..
    thanks for your video, good to feel the presence of living beings..
    enjoy you real life

    “don’t take life too seriously, anyway, you won’t escape it alive” B. Le Bovier de Fontanelle

  71. melissa rossi says:

    Ross, you seriously rock. I want to write something about the abandon FB quickly “movement” — well, I don’t know if it’s a movement yet. But I too am ditching it and encouraging others to as well, but more for reasons of security. You make some wonderful points. Very funny and right on the money.
    YAY Ross! Please contact me.
    Melissa Rossi

  72. Marta Marques says:

    just saw your video on youtube for the second time… “you need to get off facebook”… i never actually liked facebook, i had sort of a principle which was that i’d never make an account… unfortunatly, about two months ago i was forced to make one… today, i was supposed to study all day, but i went to facebook four times, and spent one hour in it each time… then, i decided to see your video once more… i’m gonna delete my account… your video reminded me why i should get off facebook: i won’t get into college by spending my time in front of my computer cheking out how many people like my pictures, or how many people wanna be my friends – that’s a stupid fantasy the stupid network grows in our mind…
    so, basicly, i just wanted to thank you, you’re truly inspiring (: *
    (and also, just red one of your stories and loved it!)

  73. Simona says:

    Do you write letters? I mean that real ones.. Snail mail x)

  74. Grainne Connolly says:

    Hahaha, awesome! my friend showed me your youtube post about facebook, because they knew it would appeal to me, as I also disconnected a few months ago. But after being directed here by the video, its so crazy to see how many people have commented. Guess you never saw that coming! I think I’d be a bit freaked out.. haha.

    I have to disagree with you on facebook not being bad. I would categorise it as EVIL! Not in a ‘im going to murder a load of children kind of way…’
    But I dont think it has any positive effect on peoples lives atall.
    Anyway enough ramblings and such.
    Have fun enjoying your life. x

  75. E.B says:

    I saw your video about facebook. I wanna ask, what program did you use to make a video? what program did u use to input the backround?

    I really appreciate your help,


  76. Corri Byrne says:

    Ross, ironically you’ve gone viral 🙂 Diss FB and go global. Thanks for sharing your film making and good luck on your travels.

  77. Carla Marie says:

    Congratulations on your success from Getting off Facebook. It’s really entertaining to see that that brought so many people here, to your blog.

    I share your feelings for Facebook (or some of them). I do have an account but I didn’t get into it until about a year ago and I find myself on it less and less. So many people are addicted to technology and things that are meant to help us communicate and take action in our lives, but people become completely generic and superficial.

    I hope you are proud of your accomplishment of swimming against the current. You’ve managed to pull yourself from the sea of clones without shouting “Look at me!” It’s inspiring to see people not only getting listened to, but getting understood. You individuality is too incredible to go unnoticed.

    Lastly, your writing is phenomenal. There is much more on this blog that I have yet to read, but rest assured that this page is definitely bookmarked so I can continue to enjoy what you have to add to this otherwise sickeningly disconnected world. I appreciate not only what you write, but that you let the public hear what you have to say.

    Thank you, Ross.

    Carla Marie

  78. Roberto says:

    I have seen ur video some weeks ago now , but something got me thinking.

    You made that all by ur self and thats all true or its just a regular video made by facebook company ? i dont know if u get my question right but ill wait for an answer.

    and i really want facebook to disappear kuz not just that its screwing my life but as time goes its get even more importante and maybe some day its gona be worst then this.

  79. Glo says:

    Since everybody and their mom noted your incredible video.. I, too, will let you know how awesome you are for making that! There are some things people won’t say because of the controversy of the matter, but you went all out and I love your boldness and utilization of free speech! You need to get on Twitter so I can follow you more… and maybe vice versa? 🙂

    http://www.twitter.com/GL0 *with a zero*

  80. Leanne says:

    Watched your “get off facebook” video … it was poignant, life changing, emotional, disturbing. You were brilliant. Your face is beautiful. Your intent is beautiful. I closed my Facebook account that day in February. I haven’t missed it at all! Thank you.

  81. Zaina says:

    Hi! How do I get in touch with you? I would like to feature your work in quint magazine.
    Check out the site for our previous issues. We have been online since July last year and are going to print in a few weeks!

    I really like your work, it would be great to chat and see if we can collaborate somehow.



  82. milla says:

    Don’t smoke. You’re far too talented for that.

  83. Lulu says:

    All randomness and success.
    Where are you from?
    After this kinda-revitalizing-shot,would like to know something about yourself.

  84. savannahstedesco@gmail.com says:

    I think you’re beautiful.

  85. Jessica says:

    I find it funny that everybody posting on here watched your “Get Off Facebook” video and yet they still misspell and mistype everything, despite how you made fun of it in that video.
    You’re fantastic; I need to start reading your blog more often (:

  86. Rosco! I bet you haven’t heard that one for a while 🙂 I found your blog through Mr Gardiner. Lovely to be able to keep in touch with you now that you can obviously, for legal reasons, never use facebook again. Hope life is sweet in Korea. Looks like you’re doing lots of wonderful creative things as usual. Come and visit us in NYC, my husband Mr Scully misses you and sends you a slice of his bicep. Sending lots of love from this weird and wonderful land, Ruth xx

  87. Stu Mackenzie says:

    mate! I know you man! Dunno if you’ll remember be, my names Stewart I used to work in Becogent in Erskine. Holy crap thats awesome, I came across the facebook vid (really cool btw) through stumbleupon and was like ‘…i know that guy…no way’.

    Thats awesome, I remember you saying you were gonna try and get into comedy, obviously things are going well for you, really happy for you man and this is a great site. Hope your enjoying Korea etc (if you’re still there) :D.

  88. Emma says:

    Hi there, I know you probably get many emails, and as I can see many people commenting on your blog. I’m currently studying English as a degree and would love to do what you’re doing in Korea, but wouldn’t know where to start. Just wondered if you could point me in the right direction? Oh and yes, the facebook video, is very good, but if you can quit facebook, you can quit smoking? I’ve been smoke free for 13 weeks 🙂 Anyway, all the best. Emma

  89. cara says:

    We should probably get hitched already.

  90. Erika says:

    You are awesome. Annnnnd basically: I feel like happening upon your video, and your blog in general, was meant to be. It is really inspiring (<words you have heard/read countless times) and the world needs more people like you. I am glad to see that so many others appreciate the video as much as I do… in an odd way it gives me more faith in humanity… 😀
    Your mind is powerful, and your writing is effortless. It is …beautiful.
    Thank you!

  91. Viskan says:


    Just wanted to get my two cents in here. Liked your video on youtube and you have valid points!

    Really enjoyed it!

    Two cents over.


  92. Love says:

    been reading everything on your blog, you have pretty unique views. that’s great. make more video’s on youtube about your views, people loved you.

  93. T. says:

    …would love to send you postcards.


  94. Whitney Young says:

    Saw your video and read your blog. We spoke briefy and I told you I would be departing South Korea soon. I’m pursuing a degree in journalism. 6 more credits! Your work is great. Good luck in your endeavors!

  95. John says:

    Good job on reaching the Facebook addicts out there, all 5% of them. I suppose only a former addict with a vision could reach them. I haven’t seen my 60-year-old dad start using ROFL or LOL as part of his online vocabulary and I think he’s happily-married enough to not be oogling at women’s tits on Facebook. It is nice to keep in touch with him since he lives so far away though.

  96. Sofia says:

    Hi, just watched your getting off facebook video…and i think it’s amazing, very inspirational…hope some day i’ll quit it too

    greetings from Chile,

  97. Raquel says:

    I looked at your video ‘get off facebook’ on youtube yesterday and i really agree with you .. i need ask you a question .. hahah

    don’t know if you like msn, but i would like to talk with u *-*
    if you want, add me: quell_nx@hotmail.com

    sorry my english, i’m from Brasil haha

    Raquel =)

  98. Marcelo Loss says:

    You look sad in the video. Hope you’re happy now.
    Awesome writing man… keep it coming.

  99. matt says:

    i saw ur video (youtube/not facebook)… u r welcome in my heroes list! im clean 3 months ago!!!!!!!!! im proud!

    u r awesome! thank u, i love u too 😀

  100. Ilu says:

    I saw your video about get off facebook, I like it a lot and I agree in almost everything…

    People make a wrong use for tools like facebook… I only have on my account people I care or I want to know better, I don´t accept old classmates (that ones were cruel with me) and try to respect my language (I´m from Mexico) with a some personal rules and respect I enjoy it. The principal rule is: Facebook isn´t my life, is a tinny microscopic part of all the things I see and do on the internet… when I have time to that

  101. umacertagarota says:

    i saw your video too… no words for that.

  102. Eveine says:

    Real life is beautiful if we can see more than “normal” people see, at the same time is sad be with people that can’t see anything. Is good see more than people can see and is sad because we feel alone, like the only person in this world that think like us. Why I never find people like you in real life? I totally agree about everything that you said!
    I hope you enjoy all your real life!!!

  103. Chell says:

    Have you quit smoking yet? 😉

  104. Lucy says:

    Your video brought me here. Inspirational and inspiring. I LOVE meeting people who are ‘facebook free’… I am going to follow your blog, maybe mine will inspire you too… I am writing a post about your clip now 😉



  105. Where do you live? USA?
    When I saw your video, I just wanted to meet or speak with u, you seems a lovely person guy, really. But you don’t have a facebook… LOL, just kidding.
    Oh, I loved your blog.
    Come to Brazil, someday.

  106. Melissa says:

    I recently stumbled upon your facebook video and somehow found this blog. I checked it out and read your last short story. I really enjoyed reading it! It’s hard to find reading material that a teenager can relate to without hearing something about edward cullen. Keep up the good work! Ill keep following your blog 🙂

  107. Nancy Carter says:

    Hello Ross! I’ve just watched your video “getting off facebook” on … a blog created by a cultural project from Anhembi Morumbi University (Brazil)… I LOVED IT!!! I totally agree with you!!! Tho I still can NOT unsubscribe myself from Facebook … I think it is an interesting tool for people who still has sense to use it ^^” Congratz!!!

  108. Nancy Carter says:

    oops I’m sorry .. I think I made a rough comment … my english is rusty LOL I’m sorry … interesting for people who has sense AND can use it as a tool for work, or something like that … LOL .. please don’t get me wrong! Cheers!

  109. Just saw your video about Facebook. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  110. You could also advise people to move to China if they don’t want to use Facebook. Oh wait … that doesn’t work …

  111. kat says:

    you’ve still got “clackers” and likes. a bunch of people telling you they did the same thing with you, they got off facebook.

    there might be no pic of you (with a six pack or without), but there’s a video, thus a whole lot of women telling you how cute and smart you are, showed up. so you’ve got a “profile pic”.

    there is also some kind of “wall”, where anyone can post. even me. you still have notifications and silly emails when anyone shares something.

    you don’t know me. i know your name your job and where you live. you haven’t chosen me. but you “shared” that with me. you didn’t choose me to be around. i’m part of the audience that can judge you. as you said, i won’t.

    where is the difference?

    don’t get me wrong. i think your writing is wonderful, your video mind-triggering and well directed. and you’re cute. I don’t doubt that you might better in real life, more fascinating than your blog or the video shows. oh, and of course I love the song.

    my point? it’s not a matter of what you use, but how you use it and what you want to get out of it, maybe there is the difference. some things can be completely different or totally similar, according to the approach. cliche maybe; but the truth lies somewhere in the middle. whatever, I don’t have a skill in choosing words.

    cheers from a greek person in germany (isn’t it ironic?)

  112. Dani Luna says:

    Your video about the facebook .. oh, inspiring! Especially the part where you talk about being better than our profiles, and more beautiful than our photos. You are really good.
    Yeah, I still have my Facebook account, I have eight hundred or so friends, not the few that I think the photos. But like being able to regain some people out there. (:
    You’re a teacher in Korea? I’m forming and I will be teaching a bit away from where you are…
    Anyway, great video and great blog!

  113. I give you props for the Full Metal Jacket reference.

  114. Rachel says:

    Ross I like you a lot. Just keep the good work… 🙂

    I wish I could see you back in England soon…

  115. aamir says:

    ross , you’re amazing!

  116. lafolie says:

    This page is full of letters. I don’t know what else to say. Keep up the good work.

  117. Dani Luna says:

    Congratulations on what you write, for the wonderful video about Facebook and mainly for the blog. Great Blog!
    You are an amazing and inspiring guy, really.
    Kisses 🙂

  118. noobscientist says:

    Saw your video, loved it! I am also 2 months clean haha. Gotta say though, were it not for Facebook you wouldn’t have made that video and I wouldn’t have watched it and typed this comment on your blog that you may or may not read – so at least some good came out of Facebook 😛

  119. Alicia Gregory says:

    Ross Gardiner.

    My best friend and I just watched your facebook video and we think you’re pretty cool.
    We are also from Great Britain and can verify that the vast majority of Brits are, as you stated, cunts.

    But us two arent. Not all the time.

    And we think you’re smashing.

    My mate might be going to South Korea to teach. She’s awesome. You should hang out with her. You have a really nice smile.

    That’s all x

  120. Vima says:

    What’s a clever bloke like you doing in Korea the land of 24 hour malls and food hot enough to burn the entire length of your intestines. Damn you for not having a Facebook. Now we’ve all had to go out of our ways to find you and stalk you here instead.

  121. Vima says:

    I do appreciate Seoul at night as your backdrop. It’s always beautiful there at night, especially the river. You’re book is a beautiful read. Thanks for the experience. :))

    • Wait! Have you actually read my book?!?! I haven’t even read my book yet!

      You’re right about Seoul as a backdrop, but I can’t really live here anymore. It’s the job, not the city.

      Thanks for coming! X

  122. Siobhan Breen says:

    Well well stranger ! You’ve certainly been busy !! How are you!?

  123. Joyce Kong says:

    Do you really live in Seoul? I’d be interested in meeting you and talking about your experiences here.

  124. Gooch says:

    INCH!!! haha, cant believe this site and your stories are off the hook. i have to say your youtube videos over rated. PIECE

  125. Stephanie says:

    Your video convinced me to finally delete my obnoxious Facebook page…THANKS. Looking forward to reading more from a clearly brilliant person 🙂

  126. Bella says:

    I have a Fb account with my real name that just says “fuck facebook”, the number of the friends I added or accepted(zero) and your video. Other than, my account is gloriously empty. Just to say I do exist, but not necessarily for others intellectual emotional or phyisical masturbation. Being italian, I didn’t understand the dribbling turbospaz thing, but other than that I feel liberated whenever I come across someone that senses hypocrisy in social phenomenons and defends himself and others from it. Thank you Ross. I’ll be sure to read your book.

  127. yen says:

    I dont really know how i got to your video about getting off of facebook but it was super inspirational and even though i deleted mine a year ago, i still sent that video to my friends. im only 14 but i found your website & your the most brilliant , deep, and definitely different writer. i frikin love you. thank you for being yourself because most people arent these days especially teens like me.

  128. Ria says:

    Hi Ross!

    Good morning from this side of the world, Manila to be exact.
    You’re blog inspires me to write more.

    Keep going!


  129. Trinity says:

    You move me somehow… Thank you.
    I hate you for that 😦

  130. piemanseoul says:


    Enjoying reading your work. Will hopefully see you before you head offski. Work on that suntan though for fucks sake…



  131. Madison Kopp says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. Youre an exceptional writer and I’m addicted to your work. You are the kind of person I admire, that I want to be like. Thank you, I hope you continue to write for a long time. Have a nice day!
    – Madison Kopp

  132. melissa walden says:

    Love your writing. absolutely incredible!

  133. Birdplane says:

    I am an artist from Germany. I would Love to collaborate with you. No matter what i still will illustrate your Poems.
    Thank you for being my Inspiration Today.

  134. Jeon Mijin says:

    Hi ross.~^^
    this is in seattle, USA
    highline college of kaplan that l go to is good.
    I was begining 17 march.

    see you. (my facebook_ jeon mijin)

  135. Mathilde Fjeldstad says:

    Jeg er fra Norge. Jeg har sett videoene dine, og jeg elsker dem.

    I’m from Norway. Love your videos! But you look so young, how old are you anyway?

    PS: Sorry, bad English =)

    Oslo, Norway.

  136. gayurbanpoet says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever come across somebody with so many gifts. I’m too in awe to even feel jealous! :-p I especially love your poems, I too write poetry, but more from a gay angle. It was really interesting to see how similar the obsession, the agony, addiction whatever remains, despite the different sexuality. Hope life is treating you well anyway – and keep excited about how amazingly huge you are going to be! 🙂 Anthony x

    • Thanks very much your kind words Anthony! I’m going to put them in the fridge and drink them when I’m on a downer haha! I’m going to get on and have a look at your work, it sounds really interesting. I don’t tend to consult sexuality too much in the stuff I write. I think had I started writing when I was a bit younger I might have, but I think I’ve sort of passed that period of curiosity by. Well, I have stories, but I wrote them for the stage, not the page!

      Keep at it man x

      • gayurbanpoet says:

        My words in your fridge. The highest honour 🙂 Sorry about my somewhat late reply. The grind you see, always the grind. And I get what you mean absolutely. Adolescent anxiety, first loves, confusion, the excavation of our negation were starting points for me. Today I write more about identity loosely, youth and hedonism, social policing of gay spaces, disability in sexuality and so on. But it remains niche. The opposite to what I love about your work, it’s diversity to have some part of it appeal to most people. Hope you’re ready for a kick ass summer anyhow, and should you be back in the UK at any point, or heaven forbid Nottingham – do drop me a line. (antmorgan88@googlemail.com) you seem like the most awesome person to have a put the world back together again drinking session with. All the best, Anthony x

  137. thatissophat says:

    You have just inspired me to show my work to people, instead of hiding them. 🙂

  138. Barolojoe says:

    Yesterday evening on German TV, in the ZDF cultural program ‘Aspekte’, there was a five minute-portrait of yours & your Anti-Facebook campaign. That has been the first time I came across the name Ross Gardiner:


    Cool clip (okay: the presentation with the paper sheets was oviously inspired by a Bob Dylan video of the mid-sixties, but nothing against good paragons).

    In the interview you are pointing out that you’ve cutted down time-robbing internet activities meanwhile to a minimum.

    But, allow me one curious question: following regularly all the comments on the posts at this side, and answering many of them, is this not similar lavish & distracting as involvements at Facebook, Twitter, or in other online communities ?

    Surely, every artist has his own personal working style. Though, many great poets of the past created their best works often in total seclusion over months & years: Balzac, Flaubert, Faulkner, Gogol, Jean Paul, Grillparzer, Musil…

    And it is doubtful that such sensitive souls would be able to deliver similar classic novels today, in this superficial times…

  139. Andreas says:

    I am inspired of your video, an i am doing a self experiment.
    Deacivated my facebook account 10 minutes ago. Let’s se how long:)
    Best wisches andi

    • Best of luck with that! Let me know how you get on! I know you can do it! x

      • Andreas says:

        Hey, since 15. May i am off, and i love it. More time for the important things in my life.

        At everyone who is still on facebook, think about what you write in Facebook and if you need facebook, and most important question how was the time before facebook?


  140. Eliza says:

    I watched your video about getting off Facebook today. It’s really good! Social networking is what you make of it and for most of us sadly it has only been a massive waste of time. Also, you have the nicest smile that I’ve seen on anyone’s face in a long, long time haha x

  141. Melissa says:

    I did catch your responce to my comment before you deleted your post. Just wanted to let you know. Much ❤

  142. […] Ein interessanter Kurzfilm von Ross Gardiner. 2.847.900 Views, 39.774 positive Bewertungen, 1.451 negative Bewertungen (Stand 10.08.12). Ross Gardiner hat selber einen Blog bei WordPress. Ihr erreicht ihn unter https://rossgardinersblog.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  143. Kamila correa Karvett says:

    Oi, Meu nome é Kamila Sou Brasileira, tenho 17 anos, e Não sei se por aqui consigo uma comunicação com Ross Gardiner , Se eu conseguir , Queria Agradecer muito , Porque eu por meio de seu vídeo sai do facebook , e me sinto muito melhor, e ele também é muito lindo , Se estiver solteiro , hahaha Obrigada Ross Gardiner

  144. ece says:

    maybe one day you’ll write again.and i’m going to wait for this and keep watching you from somewhere in turkey. 🙂

  145. Anna says:

    I’ve never had an account on facebook.
    And I’m proud of it 🙂
    People ask me often why can’t they find me on FB and everytime I say them, that I don’t have an account they’re really schocked.
    Best of luck
    PS sorry for possible misteakes, English isn’t my native language

  146. Steven Redman says:

    Ross, Just an American guy in Florida….loved your Facebook video…..I know you are right, must make it happen….get off it! lol. But loved how beautiful and simple you made it, expressions and all…great talent….I have started looking at more and more of your work, i like who you are….thanks for your creativeness…Steve

  147. Ellen Nguyen says:

    Ross I think I’m in love ❤

  148. Darin says:

    Ross, it was a pleasure to stumble upon you…..not so much in your words, or your idealism (though I agree wholeheartedly with your Anti-Facebook video!), but rather, in some sort of light that sparkles from your Being. Nice to know that there is a real Brother out there somewhere……Keep going, and do not get A) Discouraged, or B) Distracted (!!)
    because you have IT, man.

  149. Cleo says:

    At 23, I’m moving to Thailand to teach English. I’m leaving friends and family, as well as expectations. The video reminded me that I’ve quit FB numerous times and returned because of those same expectations. Now that I’m leaving, I can let go. Especially knowing that their are others out there that feel the same.

    • Hi Cleo!

      Great decision in moving out to Thailand! I haven’t been there myself, but the friends I have that have been have all returned saying nothing but great things, and a couple didn’t return at all! But with regards tot the old Facebook thing, it’s value for communicating in the literal sense is incalculable, but I don’t really buy into the way people use it. If you feel comfortable connecting with the really important people from ‘home’ over email, skype, messages in bottles, then pull the plug and liberate your attention span!

      I signed up for a new account when I moved to America, but I was at a time in my life when I felt I needed it. My attitudes to how I used it have changed to the point where it doesn’t interfere with my life or influence my character. So there is something to be said for rethinking or removing, but again, it’s all down to perspective.

      Best of luck in Thailand, keep in touch and let me know how you get on!


  150. craftybunch says:

    it was your message in a bottle that got me here, and my little lady now wishes to make one..but having looked at your YouTube video realised that I had seen it when it first came out, I think I even posted the link to a Google group I was in, as I am sooo not into facebook and thought to share it with those I know who are somewhat obsessed with FB …anyway here I am again in your presence…:)

  151. deena says:

    Right so I don’t know if you do these things, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. It’s a blogger to blogger award here on wordpress.

    I wrote a little bit about why I chose your blog! Generally, it just me wanting to thank you for being awesome. You can check it out at the bottom of this post if you ever feel like it http://keatsandkitsch.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/blogging-recognition/

    D x

  152. Gabba says:

    You are amazing ❤

  153. I strongly suspected you were Scottish from the YouTube video. I just wanted to let you know that.

  154. Kristina says:

    i saw ur video..wow..i bet you hear this a lot lately:DD i found you on google wich was nice because i just wrote your name..and here you are..man i love ya..that video was soooo beautiful, inteligent and funny!! here is my email: neverendingchristine@gmail.com … i would be so glad if you wrote because there is not so many people like you on the world..and i feel like i have to keep people like you near me:) have a great day everyone ❤

  155. Ellen Nguyen says:

    Ross, one year ago, I came across your video and shared it on Facebook, agreeing with you but keeping Facebook anyway. One year later, it’s me who had to come back to all that and re-think. This is my blog post in response to yours http://ellengau.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/no-facebook/

    I’ve actually posted a comment on this page, you can see above. I didn’t remember exactly what I said but I was afraid it was something inappropriate so I had to go back and check (Glad it was okay). Then it all came back to me what I had felt at that time and I realized how much I’ve changed and matured after a year. It’s a great feeling. I’ve got about 1130 Vietnamese subscribers on Youtube and I’m going to make a video to tell them that they are using Facebook in a wrong way and hope it will get better for them like it has done to me. Ross, you did this one year ahead of me.

    I’m still watching you, Ross. I love all your posts about mental breakdown. I’m going to University to study Psychology this September and hope it will do good to society and those people in future.


  156. Nicole says:

    Heya! I just saw your “get off facebook” vid, well done! Do you have more videos? A YouTube or own Vimeo channel?
    Are you interested in hosting a documentary? 🙂
    Best, Nicole

  157. Ellen Nguyen says:

    Ross I’ve made a video in Vietnamese to tell people to get off facebook and it has gone viral in Vietnam. I was on all Vietnamese digital newspapers and the topic is now controversial. Thanks for the inspiration!

  158. katja says:

    Just want to say that I liked your post “One Year in the USA”. And I’m excited what you have got in the pipeline!!

  159. Sydney says:

    I stumbled upon your youtube videos (the one about Facebook to be exact) then it took me to 8 days.. I just want to say you’re an inspiration and your spoken word is just bone chillingly deep. So many questions and so little time to answer them all but I guess I want to ask where does it all come from? What is your inspiration?

    • Thanks Sydney, I’m really glad you took something from the videos 🙂 I’m very interested and inspired by people and social interactions. My work is mostly based around the investigation of characters as opposed to plot. I’m not going to write anything about a maverick detective who foils a communist scheme to blow up Iceland. I will write about people who smell their ex-girlfriend’s perfume on another person as they walk down the street and then cry about it in bed that night as they imagine they can still smell it on the pillow.

      I like to depress, darling xx

  160. marta37 says:

    Your video made me realize I am addicted to facebook. LOLocaust. Fucking genius.

    I’m in the process of switching my major to English — I’ll be a sophomore in college next year. Thanks for being an inspiration and reminding me of how cool it is to be a writer. Also, you are really sexy…just saying. 😉


  161. Kaja says:

    Greetings from Prague, great video and good inspiration!
    Ross, can you please write the name of this song and singer in this video?
    Thank you very much!

  162. vit says:

    Are you in the u.s?

  163. miye says:

    I’m not gonna say I didn’t come from the facebook video. I really liked it, but I’ve spent my whole afternoon in your blog and your project moved me. I like it when people can make stories from what they see because in the end the only act of paying attention to what’s around you can be amazing if you feel like it. Congratulations and thank you.

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