Where’s that accent from?

Based on the same conversation I have every single day about my f**king accent.


What can I get for you?

Can I get a…wait. Hold up. Where’s that accent from?

Same place I’m from.

Funny. Where’s that?


Oooh. Okay.


Australia? No. Do I sound Australian?

I guess, a little. I don’t know. Just foreign.


New Zealand?

What?! That’s almost the same accent as Australia. No. Way off. Culturally, physically, and aurally.

South Africa maybe?


I’m Northern European. Look at me. I’m really, really white. I’m from the source.

God, I don’t know. Ireland maybe?

Scotland. I’m from Scotland. It’s a Scottish accent.

Scotland! That was my next guess. Wow. Scotland eh?


My friend’s been to Ireland.


It is the same.

Shut up, no it isn’t. They’re different countries. I’m just being a stupid American.

Honestly. Alcoholism, depression, recession, Anti-English sentiment. It’s the same place.

I think the UK sounds awesome. Old buildings and like the history and stuff. Culture, you know?

I think you’re mostly thinking of London.

Maybe. But Scotland is probably dope too right? Like castles and nature and stuff right?


I mean, you should always have a return ticket though.

I think I’m like one eighth…Scotch? Scottish?


Scottish. And then like there’s some Dutch, a little German, and maybe like a sixteenth Native American.

Really? That’s an interesting mix. I’m just Scottish.

Well, I think that’s better. You get the accent and stuff. I just get this.


You do have one. This is what you sound like. You sound like this.

Oh my god! Shut the f**k up. That’s freaky. You actually sound American.

I am. I have an audition tomorrow. I’m actually from Fresno.

Oh my God! Shut the f**k up right now! I actually believed you were from f**king Scotland!

I’m joking. I am actually from Scotland.

Okay, now I’m confused. Anyway listen, what’s a good Scottish cocktail?



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13 thoughts on “Where’s that accent from?

  1. katinkatonka says:


  2. I wish I had a discernible accent. Colorado is pretty bland that way. Apparently, some people think that Coloradoans don’t pronounce their “t”s very well, but that’s not really an accent. That’s just lazy.

  3. craftybunch says:

    Hahaha I have a friend with Canadian /Welsh /London accent..took me a while to figure it out..& that’s only because I asked her:D

  4. logan says:

    Scottich [sic] don’t have accents but.

  5. rynnasaryonnah says:

    We all love your “Scotch” accent here in Singapore. But you HAVE to like upload a video of you doing the whole like freaky American accent thing – TOTALLY.

  6. […] a good laugh reading this. Coincidentally I happened to be listening to Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch” […]

  7. logan says:

    ross sounds so american when he sings zeppelin…for whatever reason…donovan needs to revisit his own tune…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLH1ZggXKPg

    • rynnasaryonnah says:

      People generally sound American when they sing no? I like this version too but I prefer Donovan’s singing.

  8. Charlotte says:

    that was REALLY FUNNY!

  9. Diane says:

    Haha this made me laugh. I read a few of your posts. I like your style. Strong voice and your writing sounds so mature in comparison to mine. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note to say if you have time, I left my blog address above. Thanks for the drinks and the good reads. You seem like an interesting lad haha keep going and good luck
    -(random girl you served at perch last night) 🙂

    • Hey! It was wonderful to meet you too! I’m just going back through these now after taking a few months away from this page. I’m sorry it took me so long love! I’ll take a look at your blog tonight! I’m really looking forward to it. Drop me a line if you’re ever in LA again xx

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