Blood and Sand – Cocktail Recipe


Recipe: Equal parts blended Scotch, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Cherry liqueur and Orange juice. Shake well with ice and strain into some nice stemmed glassware (see above). Garnish and zest with an orange peel.


Okay, it’s last call on the flavored vodka troops. As it turns out your consumerist bhagwan Puff Dirty Daddy is laughing at you as you follow the scent of his ethereal goji berry spirit down the rabbit hole and into his bejeweled lair of misappropriated excess. Time to drink up and move on.

The majority of flavored vodkas have all the complexity of the supporting female role in a Kevin James movie, and the finish of George’s Marvelous Medicine. Bought because you heard that the Flow Rider and his ‘boyz’ drink it in the clubs, you fully embrace the bland, characterless spirit, and because of the shrewd product placement you gladly overlook the fact that it’s actually best used to clean burnt soup from cooker surfaces and congealed sin from the embossed initials on wedding rings.


It’s time to grow up and start enjoying the taste of alcohol.

Blood and Sand Stuff

The Blood and Sand originated at some point around 1920, and is a fantastically well-balanced Scotch-based cocktail transcends seasonal pallets and themes and often defies those that have an aversion towards whisky, and wince at the bone-dry echoes that sweet vermouth tends to leave behind. All four flavors are present in this drink, coming on one at a time, politely stepping aside and clearing the path for the next with a bygone sense of noble chivalry.

As one of only a handful of cocktails that uses Scotch, it does tend to raise the odd eyebrow with Puff Daddy’s flavored vodka crowd, but it is a hit. To ensure that people approach the drink with the necessary state of open mindedness, assure your more reserved party guests that they are in fact drinking the new Ciroc® Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry & Orange flavored vodka.

For best results use a blended whisky that’s relatively neutral, sweet and smooth (J&B, Johnnie Walker Black, Famous Grouse should be fine. Just don’t go near anything from Islay, unless you want your drink to taste like smoked surgical bandages), get some Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth (hard to come by but worth it) and keep it chilled, and I always like to toss a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry into the shaker to get a bit of pulp in there.

Sweet, strong, dry and a little tart, this is an exceptionally well-rounded cocktail. Jay Gatsby would have gladly served drinks like this at his appropriately excessive parties. Not something that can be said for a double Ciroc® Bratwurst with Monster Khaos…

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4 thoughts on “Blood and Sand – Cocktail Recipe

  1. Carolina Pinheiro says:

    Any chance you’re coming to Brazil?

    Enviado via iPhone

  2. logan says:

    “…used to clean…congealed sin from the embossed initials on wedding rings.” great line!

  3. Barolojoe says:


    New recipe for Irish Coffee…

    ….and here the original ‘Whiskey Toothpaste’ – once made by Greenland Company , Florida:

    I recommend the Bourbon-flavored type.

    Apropos Bourbon: ‘Elijah Craig 12’ is value for money still the best, most tasty spirit deal in the whole world – one bottle for twenty bucks only. A price, no overexpensive & overrrated Scottish Single Malt can beat.

    Faulkner & Fitzgerald would surely stick to it today….


  4. Barolojoe says:


    Once you’ve prevailed the days of limp cocktails, getting your hands at home finally on the first bottle of pure EC…. you can make the moment still more memorable by combining the ultimate spirit with the definitive western movie intro:

    Nothing against John Ford, John Sturges, Anthony Mann, Howard Hawks, Zinnemann, Peckinpah, Leone & Co. – but the first 8 1/2 minutes of Herbert Coleman’s debut ‘Posse From Hell’ (1961) are still the unmatched benchmark:

    never and nowhere four evil outlaws riding in a town were more dangerous & ruthless….

    Badman Lee van Cleef plays well. But he is outshined by the sinister leader with the shotgun: Vic Morrow aka Crip.


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