Messages in Bottles – Part Two

The following photographs are of a sort of literary street art project I worked on with the help of my close friend Anders Rostad. All bottles washed up onto the streets of downtown Los Angeles and contained anonymous letters from five young people struggling to cope with the pressures of their lives.



One Letter




Two Letter




Three Letter




Four Letter




Five Letter




Six Letter


Thank you for your interest. I’ll post the letters over the next couple of days.

Please feel free to share x


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8 thoughts on “Messages in Bottles – Part Two

  1. Enka says:

    I Fucking Love this!

  2. Izaskun says:

    If just the fact of receving an e-mail named “With Love” is wonderful, watching (in this case) & reading such a beautiful “everything” is priceless!

    • Thank you so much! Makes me really happy that you enjoy the work I’m putting out!

      As I always say, please feel free to share this on your social networking medium of choice. Trying to get some eyes to this! Xx

      • Izaskun says:

        Will do!! Thanks to you for all this wonderful stuff & words! And of course you’re absolutely welcome!

  3. Larissa says:

    such a great work!! wow.. that’s so creative! Xx

  4. logan says:

    nice, ross! i read #1-comedian before seeing the introduction above and was going to tell you to quit your wingin’, but then i thought “certainly he doesn’t have a girlfriend” and new it was a fictional endeavor! HAH! good stuff, mate!

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