Napoleon’s Drunk

I overheard this at the bar tonight. It was an insurance brokers Christmas party…

“Actually, I was a junior varsity pole vaulter,” said the taller man, fiddling with his pink and white striped tie.

“Oh yeah?” asked the much shorter, more mustached man. “What was your lift?”

The tall man looked at the melting cubes in his empty glass and smiled.

“About sixteen feet,” he said, rocking onto his tip toes as casually as he could.

“Oh yeah?” asked the short man, throwing back his scotch, “I hear the girls go that high these days.”

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One thought on “Napoleon’s Drunk

  1. Barolo says:


    Well, the retirement of an author & critic at the age of 27 must not be necessarily a bad thing.

    There are plenty of other profitable jobs & duties available all over the US.


    Even down in the desert, darling…




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