Intermission: Afrobeat


Here is an article I wrote for LA Canvas about Fela Kuti, Nigerian Afrobeat legend. There is a playlist that goes along with it, so have a look and, if you like it, pass it on through your various social media websites of choice.

Greatly appreciated darlings.

Get funky.

Ross x

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4 thoughts on “Intermission: Afrobeat

  1. Oi, I love when Fela gets some lovin’. Thanks for spreading the funk and for sharing your musings. When it’s not 1 A.M., I will properly sit down and go through the rest of this blog. Blessings and confetti to you!

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog and have enjoyed your work so much that I bought your book. Just out of curiosity, is your book distributed in any local book stores in the L.A. area? I’m a native and like to support the local shops.

    A belated welcome to the city of Lost Angels. I wish you all the best on your journey here.

    If I could make some recommendations for you (if you haven’t tried them already):

    Amoeba Music on Sunset blvd. (Hollywood) will surely satisfy and possibly fulfill all of your music related fantasies (including some free shows!). It also holds a superb, wide range selection of films.

    Whenever I have friends visiting from out of town or those who have recently moved to the L.A. area, I love to take them to Hotel Cafe. It’s just a few blocks from Amoeba, but it is located on Cahuenga blvd. It is a hidden little gem that doesn’t even have a sign outside of its venue. What I love about this place is that it fits about 100 people, it’s usually pretty cheap to get in (between $7-$20, depending on the artist) and the musicians are damn good.

    Quick anecdote. Five years ago, I went on a blind date. It was the most awkward date you could imagine. I found myself having more in common with the Pad Thai I was eating rather than the person sitting in front of me.

    I heard about Hotel Cafe through word of mouth, so I bought tickets to see someone neither one of us had heard of before.

    This is why the worst date I had ever been on, turned out to hold one of my fondest (music related) memories:

    I still remain friends with the blind date guy. I send him a card and small gift every year to commemorate our absurd encounter of five years past without which I wouldn’t have visited the hole in the wall venue and wouldn’t have become enamored with the beautiful, alto-ridden creature whose voice reminds me of honey slowly dripping from a spoon.

    I try to make it there at least a few of times a month to find new aural treasure. There’s good people there as well, so it’s a great place to make new friends.

    Why am I always reading your blog at the ass crack of dawn?

    Keep up the great work, Ross.

    Blessings and confetti!


  3. Barolojoe says:


    Nothing against those Afro rhythms.

    But don’t forget to close your Blues & Psychedelic gaps, Companero…





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