Yeah? – Based on a True Story

The following conversation is as accurate as I can recall. It’s the classic fable of young spunky hipster meets old crusty hipster.

This conversation taught me to laugh at haters and realize that they are mostly just bitter.


Hey Ross.


When are you moving to LA?

Tomorrow morning.

Right on! Good for you man. Tough town though…



What are you going to do out there?

I don’t really know. Just keep doing what I’m doing, really.



But what’s your plan?

I don’t really have one.


Everyone’s got a story out there.


Yeah. And yours is going to have to be good.


Yeah. And it’s going to have to be fast.



I’ve heard your stories. And they’re, you know, they’re pretty good.


Yeah. I mean, they’re not great. But they’re okay.


But they’re long. Jesus, are they long.

Yeah. That’s me though. That’s the way I am.


It’s a tough town though.


Yeah. People will fuck you out there.


Oh yeah. And don’t think that accent is gonna help you. No one will give a shit.



But good luck though man.

Thanks, I’ll need a wee bit of that.

Yeah. Yeah you will. I tried it once. LA.

Yeah? How did that go?

Decided it wasn’t for me.

Yeah, I’m sure you did. Just going to the bathroom. Be right back.

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2 thoughts on “Yeah? – Based on a True Story

  1. Christina says:

    Outch! “Crusty hipster” sounds accurate. Chin up!

  2. rynnasaryonnah says:

    “And don’t think that accent is gonna help you. No one will give a shit.”

    Course not. They don’t even know it’s Scottish, never even heard of Scotland right? Haha.

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