My First Wee Article for LA Canvas

Check out the band. They’re really good.

Ross x

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4 thoughts on “My First Wee Article for LA Canvas

  1. a says:

    Thank you for this post. Was really in need of some new music and fell in love with this band after reading your (awesome) review and checking out some of their songs.

    Ice hockey no.
    But street hockey in the sun, surrounded by palm trees, wearing retro shorts, maybe.

  2. Barolojoe says:


    Well, beneath some early surf sources: their influences are pretty obvious, at least for dedicated long-time collectors… :->


    -> Chocolate Watch Band (mid-sixties psychedelic/garage rock)

    -> Beacon Street Union (late-sixties psychedelic/progressive)

    -> Green on Red (early eighties psychedelic post punk from L.A. ; later more country/folk/blues based)





    • I wish I’d had this knowledge prior to writing that! In hindsight, it made me seem like someone who was dabbling in music journalism as opposed to someone who was actually a music journalist.

      But I’m not a music journalist so I don’t suppose it matters too much…

      But thank you though, I will listen to these and let you know what I think x

  3. Barolojoe says:


    No disaster. And, strictly speaking: you’ve made only one ‘rookie mistake’:

    Comparing a band with The Monkees – even with their “better stuff” – is in general no compliment for musicians with serious artistic ambitions. Apart from the Monkees’ commercial success: there were hundreds of American groups around in the mid- to late sixties – much more gifted and impressive than those quartet from the retort.

    Just three outstanding examples more…





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