Whasssup boy? You shinin’ like a new toy.


Come on Roy, spread some of that joy!

What joy? What are you talking about?

That stuff you got, it looks real hot.

Nah man, nah. I don’t understand.


So tell me, where you gaun, and where your coming from?

Dude, are you speaking only in rhymes?

I speak in rhyme all the time.


People’s give me dimes to rap in rhymes.

Honestly? That’s crazy.


So where you from Shaun?


Nebraska, Nebraska. That near Alaska?

You know it isn’t.

It’s pretty near up in here.

Just because they sound close doesn’t mean they are close.


So lemme see some of that money honey.

I don’t have anything.

Sure you do, just a dime or two.

I don’t have anything.

How’s about you buy a bit and I’ll sell you some shit?

Yeah? What are you gonna sell me?


So what do you say Neil, we got us a deal?

I guess. When will it start working?

You’ll feel it start, like a knife to your heart.

I dunno man. I don’t feel anything yet.

Should be starting right about….now.

Oh yeah I got it. Alright man, I’m glad I bought it.


So how does it feel?

It feels pretty good. But you know, I never thought it would.

It aint so bad is it?

No. But lemme start at the top, how do I make it stop?

Same way I did fool. Pass it on for a couple of dimes. See ya.

Aw man, now I’m pissed! What fucking idiot would wanna buy this?

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