A Promise

I swear before the eyes here present that I will, from this point on, give the people who comment on my blog the attention that they deserve.

I have been a neglectful writer in the past. But that shall change.

You guys mean so much to me. I should get better at showing you that.

Lots of love. Buckets of love. Wheelbarrows of love. Swimming pools of love. Balls of love.




Ross xXx




13 thoughts on “A Promise

  1. Mallary says:

    I love your blog. I think you are such a talented writer. I just thought you should know. Much love from the middle of nowhere, Ohio.

  2. katja says:

    And I promised to be here when you’re back. I’m sorry! Please don’t think I wouldn’t read your stories if I didn’t comment them. I like your last story very much. It’s like you wrote it for me, because it fits my life right now.
    Much love to you!

    • katja says:

      The contrast is great I must add!

    • I wish I had an emoticon for *blush*! I know you’ll always be reading Katja, and for that I’m ever grateful!

      With regards to the story, it’s a bit of a mess the now, but I feel it’s very true to my life as well. Well, it’s actually 100% true, but it kind of sums up how I’m feeling right now.

      Hope you find some balance soon 🙂 x

  3. Tam says:

    It’s okay, for me I’m not bothered at all, although you’ve replied to all my previous comments, we understand that you can’t reply to every single one of us. But what I really want from you is not to stop writing. Your short stories are just out of this world, I just love how you can capture different types of personalities perfectly 🙂

    • Well, you’ve always enticed me in with interesting questions! I’m a sucker for a good question! I’m going to give this communication thing a good go because, like I said, I’ve always appreciated how much time people have spent communicating with me, I feel I owe everyone the service of thanking everyone for taking that time.

      These comments are really important to me. They keep me working even when I don’t want to!

      Keep the quiz coming Tam 🙂

  4. Saerom says:

    Wow you are such a talented man ! i like your stories and your awareness about internet(social networking). And I agree wholeheartedly with you. I was surprised that you were in korea for years! It is regret that i did not know you before 😦 On the other hand im thankful that i know you now 🙂 well.. im don’t think im doing well with this writing because im poor at english. anyway im anticipating your writing ^^

    please take care

    • Hi!

      You know, I think that you might be the first Korean to write on this blog! I’ve been here for four years and you could be the first! That doesn’t reflect very well on my efforts to immerse myself in the culture does it? I’d be the first person to admit how bad I’ve been at being a foreigner in Korea. But I’ve had a wonderful time here, there’s no question about that.

      Thanks for coming on here though! I’m going to be here for another couple of weeks and then I’m out. Probably for good, but you never know. Life throws you curveballs sometimes.

      Take care x

      • Saerom says:

        It’s a great honor for me to be the first korean in this blog! •‿•
        You know, koreans are kind of conservative.. and many of people are so addicted in internet and games that those are very importanat of part of their part. they are not aware of such thing that you are saying .Furthermore most of koreans are feel stressful about english itself haha But i think there are some people who are interested in your writing, is it? Is there any gathering for friendship between such people? i’d like to take part in it 🙂

        I hope your things are going well

  5. Kristen Macatangay says:

    I’ve been following your stories for a long time now and waited months for your first book (which I now have!). You’ve inspired me and gotten me out of my writer’s block countless times. I’ve never commented because I thought that you’d never get to read it. But after reading this, I think I just might start.

    • Hi Kristen!

      I apologize wholeheartedly for the long wait for the book. I don’t really have any involvement in the process to be honest. But I’m really pleased that you got it!

      Saying that my writing helped you out of writer’s block is one of the nicest things you could say to me! I know how horrible it can be to be trapped in that hole where you’re afraid to sit at your computer. So for you to say that something of mine that you’ve read helped you, it really touches me.


      Ross x

  6. Colonel_Griefheart says:

    >> Buckets of Love ? <<

    …or buckets of blood ?



    ….puddles of mud ?



    …instead of secrets in a hut ?



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