Another Year, Another Apology

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting all y’all once again.

This is what is going on in my life right now:

I’m packing everything I own into a suitcase again.
I’m selling everything I don’t need.
I’m working about four different jobs.
I’m moving house twice, moving cities twice, moving countries once and moving continents once this month.
I’m trying to say goodbye to people I love.
I’m drafting a proposal for a new project I have in the pipeline.
I’m writing the biggest single story I have ever worked on so far.

The latter is the real reason I haven’t been posting. I always find time to write, no matter how wild and hectic my life is. But I haven’t been posting because I haven’t finished anything. I haven’t written a short in a few weeks and I have just been writing and planning this new piece I’m working on. It could be a novella, it could be a novel. I have no idea right now. I’m just trying to get the first draft done so that I can start posting some more shorts back on here again.

But like I said, life is busy. No drama. No bad vibes Vincent. Just goodness Gordon. All goodness. But chasing the sort of life I want to have one day takes a shit load of hard work in various different places, and sometimes, certain things get pushed to one side for a while. This blog, sadly, had to be sat to one side while I worked on more pressing things.

Please stay with me. I’ll be back.




Ross x


9 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Apology

  1. katja says:

    It’s hard to say goodbye, isn’t it? I couldn’t do it and that’s why it’s so interesting for me to read about it.
    I’m curious what you’ll write about in America and what you’ll do there. So I’ll stay with you, of course and simply wait until you’ll be back.
    I wish you good luck for the new life in America!
    When can we see the whole interview by the way?

  2. Christina says:

    Good luck with all your plans…your current project sounds exciting too!

    • Thank you very much! Sadly, nothing except money is being worked on right now, but I guess it gives you freedom to do what you like.

      So hopefully very soon I’ll be able to start giving my work and my life the attention is really needs!

      Thanks for coming here too. I really appreciate your support x

  3. Shawn says:

    Good luck with the move. And then the honeymoon period will begin … followed by disillusionment and culture shock and disgust. Finally comes acceptance and even some semblance of happiness — or at least contentment — if you make it through all that. One day, you might notice that “them” have become “us” or “you all” have become “we.” Let the games begin. 😉

    I hope we have nice weather for you. Oh, and don’t be snarky at immigration or customs. They have zero sense of humor.

    • I know, I’ve kind of been preparing in every way I can but I’m fully aware how futile that can be for somewhere like LA. I guess all you can do is read a lot about it, save as much money as you can and try to be as realistic as possible. I’m so excited about it all though. Mainly because I just need a fresh challenge and somewhere that I can take route and keep working at for a while.

      But thanks for the advice, as always.


  4. VG says:

    All the best wishes for entering an exciting chapter of your life, we’ll always be here 🙂

  5. Caroline says:

    Caroline understand.

  6. S C says:

    Happy Trails… we are all travellers.. ain’t it grand? Oh, do you post to vimeo .. I don’t use youtube or facebookery? … (0:

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