The Grave

When my first hamster Vincent died I asked dad if we could bury him under the tree. Dad said no. My brother and I dug a hole anyway. We took one of my teddy bears and pretended it was Vincent’s dead body. We put the teddy bear in the tiny open grave that afternoon and climbed the tree. As we got higher and higher, we were pulled lower and lower. The branches got younger and younger under the weight of our age, closer and closer to the teddy we pretended was once aging, just like us.

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One thought on “The Grave

  1. VG says:

    Ah this is beautiful, is there a story attached to this? 🙂

  2. edda says:

    dear ross,

    i saw your video on you-tube and the fact that you reminded me very much of a friend i haven’t seen for a long time and remembering the time i was teaching german in Japan made me check out your page. I just started reading here and everything so far was beautiful and i just wanted to tell you i like it a lot!!
    i was just gathering a whole lot of stuff i’ve been writing over the last years (on paper in subways mostly X_x) to type it on my computer when i found this page. I had been thinking about starting a blog but wasn’t really convinced that it would turn out well….this just showed me that you can make a really nice blog with a good layout…so thanks for appearing just at the right time

    ps my first hamster’s grave in my partents’ garden and is now covered in a forest of raspberry bushes – the sweet fruits are randomly changing location over time. 😉

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