You Need To Get Off The BBC. LOLpaper!

My video was part of a documentary shown on the BBC last night!

Here’s the link to the iPlayer:

So now it seems that the angry British internet trolls are wading in with their two cents on how I lick my fingers too much, dress like a hipster and should ‘keep my fucking opinions to myself’.


Yay! Go Team GB!


Cunts x

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12 thoughts on “You Need To Get Off The BBC. LOLpaper!

  1. Rynna Saryonnah says:

    I can’t watch it. Pfft.

  2. katja says:

    Yes, only the people in the UK.

  3. Rina says:

    Can’t watch!!! How about a youtube upload??

  4. Rich says:

    I saw the bbc documentary last night and just watched your youtube video and thought it was amazing! really well produced!!
    looking through your blog and your a good writer to!

    not all us brits are “cunts”

  5. Charlie says:

    Thanks Ross x

  6. Shawn says:

    You can still find pieces of it on youtube. It keeps getting posted and removed. Just search for Mark Zuckerberg Inside Facebook BBC

    Part 1 is here:

    The part where Ross comes in is here (for now):

  7. ghizzou says:

    Ross, I had the opportunity to see the video bit in the BBC doc last night as well. And I am glad to have stumbled upon it. Then the usual: look it up youtube, watch it three times, read the first page of comments, then smile. I’m glad you said it right. And you know you did.

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