Under The Wee Bridge – Part Four

I wasn’t even there for this one. I’m not sure if I could have done anything to stop it. A few guys I knew saw what happened. They just said that Bates pulled a big bread knife out of his jacket and got him from behind, stabbed him in the stomach. They said that the blood just seeped through Jordan’s Celtic shirt. Someone came looking for me. I can’t even remember who it was. They told me that Bates had stabbed Jordan in the school car park. I was in the middle of doing his homework for him at the time. He gave it to me in the morning. Like he thought he’d be going to maths after lunch.

I got round the corner and saw Jordan writhing on the concrete. I’d never seen so much blood. He was screaming. Other people were screaming as well. Girls and guys. But his cut through everyone else’s. The sound of someone dying is horrible. I never want to hear anything like that again.

I ran out of the car park. I could hear people shouting after me. Telling me not to go after him. ‘He’s got a knife’ and all that stuff. But I knew where he’d gone.

When I got under the wee bridge he was throwing stones. Just like he had been when he was wee. When we were both wee.

“Mate, what the fuck did you do?” I said to him.

He turned around slowly. He’d been crying. He opened his arms out. There was some of that blood I saw earlier on his sleeve.

“I don’t know brother” he said. I walked over and gave him a big hug again. He wept onto my shoulder. I cried too. We both knew he was fucked.


Colin text me telling me that the ambulance had come and taken Jordan away. He was critical at that point. I didn’t say anything to Deo. We both just sat in silence under the wee bridge, listening to the sirens wail overhead.

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One thought on “Under The Wee Bridge – Part Four

  1. katja says:

    Yesterday I saw a discussion on tv where they talk about criminals. They said, no one was born as a criminal. The criminals don’t like what they do and they wish to be just normal. They need love and recognition.
    Your story illustrates exactly this. It’s really sad.
    I like the story very much! Thanks!

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