Exemption – Part Four

I left the interview room and went for a cigarette by the side of the building. There were some of the call center workers standing smoking, in silence. There were some trashy girls standing together. There was one guy with longer hair smoking rollie.


“Do you have a light man?” I asked. He nodded and handed me his lighter.


“Cheers, do you work here?” I asked him.


He nodded again, sucking the cigarette as hard as he could. It had started to wrinkle and go soft.




“Fucking horrible.” He blew out a big cloud of smoke. We both watched it disappear into the air.


“Did you go to uni?” I asked.


“Yeah. I studied Nursing.”


I smiled. He did too.


“At least you’re helping people.”


He smiled. He threw the cigarette butt onto the grass. He pulled another one out of his pocket. He lit it and closed his eyes.


“Did you just come for an interview aye?” he asked, still closing his eyes.


I nodded.


“Do yourself a favor man, sign on the dole and keep looking.”


“That bad?” I asked.


“I can’t afford lunch today mate.”


I looked at him. He was a nurse and I was a chemical engineer.


I said thanks and walked off. He looked like he needed the silence.




At home that night, my life seemed so empty without an Xbox.

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9 thoughts on “Exemption – Part Four

  1. Ciça says:

    Hey Ross, what’s up?
    First… sorry about my english, I’m brazilian and I don’t know much how to write n your language…
    Now, have you ever seen this video?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKJRBIzifjQ&fb_source=message
    Some friends of mine have done that for you… it isnt bad, believe! They will be so happy if you see it!
    Thanks for reading =)
    Bye bye

    • rynnasaryonnah says:

      I LOVE the music! And the last bit when the paper and subtitles are upside down!

    • That was wonderful! I really enjoyed it! Thanks very much for sharing this with me. I can’t tell you how much that makes me smile 🙂

      I think that this was so much better than the other responses because I completely agree with everything that you’re saying and that you all say it in such a pleasant, honest way. I think that Facebook is a wonderful tool but I was always a bit weirded out by how literal people took and how much of an effect it had on people’s lives. But you seem to have got the point of my video and made a response that was actually really nice and contributed a lot to the argument!

      And the lack of finger licking is certainly something that made it nicer to watch than mine!

      Wonderful stuff folks!


  2. katja says:

    Oh yeah, that’s cool! Or should I say hot? And this with the technique without finger licking. 🙂
    I’m so jealous! In Germany it’s so cold and dark.

  3. Ciça says:

    Hahahahaha thanks a lot!!!

  4. Amanda Meneezes says:

    Hey everyone! I’m the one of this girls that appeared in the video, and i’m so glad that u guys like it!!

  5. Thanks a lot guys! i’m pround to be a part of this!

  6. Ciça says:

    Yeeeeeeeey o/
    I’m so happy to read it all!!!

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