There’s a dragonfly that lives in my room
It lives in my room
She lives in my room
There isn’t much space
In my room.
I wanted to catch her
in a box
and put her outside,
to flirt with corners and twist in the wind
There are lots of corners
Lots of space
Out of my room.
But my friend told me that she likes to eat bugs
Mosquitoes, he says
That have eaten my blood
That made me smile
So I left her there
I put on the fan
To give her some wind
As she sat high up the wall
Rolling her back
Making love to the corner.
There’s a dragonfly that lives in my room
I’ve seen “better” dragonflies
From the window of my room
Stripped in the sun
A forever flicker
A finger to the gales.
Looking in
and moving on,
but she came in
Chasing a meal
Or surrendering to thought
about the four corners to flirt
and the space she could make
her own.
I open my window when I go out
I open it wide
With the bug net drawn
Her body in,
Her eyes out
when I come back
she’s still there
Moving from wall
to wall
Like a card in spokes
Eating the bugs
Drinking my blood
Basking in the strip light
As if it were real.
There’s a dragonfly that lives in my room
I thought it was cruel
To keep her in my room
But I live in my room
The corners are small
The light too bright
Too cold for the fan
But it’s all for her.
Because she eats the bugs
That drink my blood.
Her wings fill the gaps
That her voice used to give.
Keeping my company
In my room.
There was a dragonfly that lived in my room
She fell from the wall
When the bugs were all gone
When I was out of my room
She tried to escape
The bug net stopped.
Her great escape.
I put her in a box
Drew the bug net back
And threw her outside
Her blood on my hands
My blood on my hands.
There was a dragonfly that lived in my room.
But now there’s just me
in my room.

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6 thoughts on “Dragonfly

  1. katja says:

    I agree with the two.
    By the way I think “dragonfly” is a very beautiful name for it in English. Didn’t know that this is the translation of “Libelle” in German.

  2. citizen03 says:

    I just posted this “letter to a childhood hero” (you can found it here http://cera22sela.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/letter-to-a-childhood-hero/)
    it would mean much to me if you could take a few minutes from your time to read it and tell me your opinion if you want.
    I follow your blog and i like it a lot. go one with your writings, I expect to buy your book in the future ….good job here

    citizen03 here

  3. mickey says:

    beautiful. i kinda have a thing for dragonflies, ever since i’ve read martin page’s book, that’s why the title caught my eye, but the entire poem is just.. beautiful.

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