The New Video

Please post it on your social network medium of choice and order your minions to do the same.

Thanks guys! I appreciate your eyes 🙂

Ross x

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13 thoughts on “The New Video

  1. Judy says:

    Haha, well done! You could probably pass for a real American. Ever thought about getting into acting?

  2. VDV says:

    After i shared your first video ,for less than an hour 20 people deleted me.I guess they don’t like the truth.
    Just shared this one 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    Oh my Little Shitty-Diapered Baby Jesus, I love your new video. You’re one of those people who make me feel less clever than I am; thanks for always posting something interesting. I’ll be sharing via old-school email forwarding with real live full sentences and adjectives. xo

  4. katja says:

    Veeery funny!!! I’d give you your own show if I were in the position! Hope we’ll see more of this in the future! I will send this video per email to my friends.

  5. Laurie Edwards says:

    Ummmm….frankly, I’m disappointed. The first video was thought-provoking, compelling, even. This seemed mediocre, at best. I am beginning to wonder if you aren’t spiralling down into a pit of narcissistic overindulgence. Give yourself a little slap for me, Ross, then reach down inside and pull out the pain. That’s where all the creativity is – it’s not to be found in rehashing pointless, overused parodies of snake oil salesmen. Seriously, 80% of Americans are already laughing at these ridiculous religious perpetrators. They mostly prey on the aged and confused. You are living in the past, my friend. Move on to more interesting territory…XO Laurie

    • I agree with you in many ways but at the same time, I was only trying to make something entertaining. It was based on a character I used to do live. But the point that you’re making is precisely the reason I stopped doing comedy: I didn’t want to do just one thing. There is enough pain and torture in the things that I write. But at the end of the day, I started out being someone who made people laugh and that is still a huge part of my life.

      I understand exactly what you’re saying, but I’m not of the opinion that everything I do should be thought provoking or completely innovative.

      But thank you very much for your honest opinion. There are more interesting, thought-provoking things in the pipeline. This was more of a relief of sorts…

      • Tara says:

        @Laurie Edwards: Rather haughty a comment, don’t you think? True intelligence includes the ability to appreciate all humor, not turn your nose up at something that’s maybe a little less artistic by some standards. Read between the lines – it’s quite compelling.

      • katja says:

        I’m glad that it’s still a huge part of your life! In Germany many people like such comedy. Don’t stop what you’re doing. It’s fantastic that you can do so many things.
        And I don’t understand why this wasn’t thought provoking. For me it was.

  6. carole says:

    It was… okay. I do agree with Laurie. This doesn’t quite measure up to your first video and this kind of stuff on TV is already comedy in itself. I don’t know, I guess I was just grossly underwhelmed. There were some funny bits, but as a whole it just fell flat and felt forced.

    Though it was still nice to have finally heard your voice, even if you probably speak differently in real life!

  7. Laurie Edwards says:

    I don’t seem to have the “magick” email address and password to view your post of 10/21. Suggestions?

  8. haha =] simply brilliant! i love everything you do. never fail to please.

  9. ©bruno says:

    I adore you John Tempest 😀

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