Ross by Paul

A portrait done for me by the weird and wonderful Paul Aitchison, the bard of Kathmandu and illustrator for all of my stories.

Paul’s blog is – get on and follow him. He’s a wonderful poet, an incredible artist and a very good mate of mine. And he hates hippies just as much as I do. 

The majority of my stuff coming up on here in the future will be accompanied by illustrations by Paul.



Ross x

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5 thoughts on “Ross by Paul

  1. katja says:

    I like his style! It’s something special!

  2. katja says:

    Fantastic. I subscribed to his blog.

    And…5:30pm – Don’t be late. …Haha! In the first second I was very confused to see this instead of AWAY. It sounded like a secret meeting. 🙂

  3. katja says:

    Never mind, as you can see, I’m happily married. 🙂
    Hey and you have a girlfriend! I’m happy for you!

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