I’m not idle. Honest.

I’m not. Honestly. Really. Idle mind, devil’s playground, all that stuff. I’m not idle. I’m not. I promise.

I’m trying to work on a ‘bigger’ piece of writing. Sometimes it makes me sick of coffee. Other times it makes me jump out of a hot shower onto a cold bathroom floor and grab my laptop. But it’s coming together. When it’s done I’ll be putting parts of it up on here.

Got some video stuff coming up which I’m going to be posting and I’ll be continuing with the little photo fiction things as well. Just so that y’all know I’m alive and well.


Ross x

2 thoughts on “I’m not idle. Honest.

  1. Prisca says:

    That’s great! We’ll be waiting for it!!

  2. katja says:

    I’m so curious and look forward to it! Also I look forward to your book! Can’t wait to have it in my hands!

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