Photos from India: Rajasthan – In the Distance

In the distance, a peacock stood. Tall, thin, creeping on glass. She was walking back and forth across the horizon I could almost touch. The heat from the earth made the ground shift and her legs wobble.

“He’s waiting for a mate” said Pritam, tapping me on the arm.

“He? No, that’s a she.” I replied. He looked at me. I could feel him weighing my words.

“How can you be sure?” he asked, looking back to the beautiful bird. I just looked out, silent but for my slow, steady breathing.

“No man ever made the horizon his stage” I said.

He smiled. Then I raised the sight to my eye and stared down the long barrel, watching her dance on the tip of my rifle.

2 thoughts on “Photos from India: Rajasthan – In the Distance

  1. katja says:

    Soon I have to go on stage, if I don’t die of stage fright before. I hate it. Can you give me a hint how I can get rid of stage fright? You have experience with the stage as a comedian, right?

  2. Raven says:

    Impressive as usual.
    Ross, you’ve inspired me about writing, and I started telling stories, too. Except they are not fictional:

    Hope you enjoy reading!

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