Photos From India: Behind the Taj Mahal – Huge Shadow

“One cigarette” he said, nodding to the packet in my hand. I pulled one out. I gave him my lighter. He held up a hand to stop me. He was holding a box of matches.
“Thank you kindly.” He blew out the smoke from the first drag. I looked up at the Taj Mahal above us from deep within the huge shadow it cast. I looked at the big wall in front of us.
“Does the Taj mean anything to you anymore?” I asked.
“My friend,” he started, looking up at the bright white dome above us, “it will mean something to me for as long as I carry this horrible thing.” He pointed to the automatic rifle by his side.
I looked back at the Taj and wondered if ever saw what I could see.

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4 thoughts on “Photos From India: Behind the Taj Mahal – Huge Shadow

  1. Taj Mahal is the biggest symbol of love in India and India had a lot of love at its peaceful fight. How could it means nothing to an Indian?

  2. I know what you meant, The question wasn’t directly for you. I was just sayin’ ( in a bad way) that taj or others places and symbols like that will always mean something.

  3. katja says:

    It’s crazy. We have only a tiny symbol of freedom in my town (Roland), it’s not the same, but a lot of tourists make photos of it and probably put it on a wall in their house (I don’t know :-)) and I’ve walked past it a thousand times and haven’t looked at it. Like it doesn’t exist for me.

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