Photos from India: Rajasthan – Someone

Nenchuk was standing over me as I came to. At that moment though, it could have been any of them. The sun was over on my left side now. I could feel the skin peeling on both sides of my arms.

“How much longer should I lie here?” I asked.

“You should lie here brother until the sun burns out and the moon starts to cool your skin” he replied. Then he walked away.

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3 thoughts on “Photos from India: Rajasthan – Someone

  1. DD says:

    How long did you lie there? Till the moon shrunk in shame as the sun disrobed her silently as he rose, when no one was watching?

  2. These photographs have been doctored slightly. The rolls of film seem to have been spoiled by the heat or by x-ray machines at the airport. So the pictures I’m posting are very honest to the images from the camera. The entire roll from the desert came out blue. Like EVERYTHING came out blue.

    • DD says:

      Ah! How very classic of you to have used a conventional camera! Digital ones are easier to use but they make us choosy of the pictures we take. We sort of look immediately at the picture just taken and decide whether it is good or not, and go in for another one. But with a roll one, the errors/flaws are just as beautiful if not more. May be the white balance in the camera is to blame.

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