Photos from India – Rajasthan: Little Girl

The old man smiled and wobbled his head. He watched the strange man with the little black box standing in front of his daughter. He looked up from the box and told her to smile more. The old man understood. He shouted to her. She started to laugh. The man looked back into the box and clicked, taking the last of those little laughs and locking them up, inside his little black box.

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9 thoughts on “Photos from India – Rajasthan: Little Girl

  1. I’m going to start doing one of these every few days. A photo and some kind of text (poetry/story/etc). I just got some rolls developed and some of the photos came out right nice so I figured this would be a weird but fun way to present them.


  2. tamrinkavin says:


    Just for a note that I have visted your blog and it is good.
    good day.

  3. ebru says:

    hi ross, been away for a while, long time since I’ve last visited your blog, but always been following from email notifications… what’s up with the book? has it been published already? I think I have missed the latest news about it, sorry for that, but could u pls give some updates?

  4. Shawn says:

    Nice. Yes, book still coming out in Nov? And what’s up with Short Cut Stories? It’s been awhile.

  5. katja says:

    This girl is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing the photos! It is very interesting.

  6. I love the imagery in the end. Its almost daunting…

    Ps. I like the switch-up and variety! Congrats on the growth, the progress, and all the new things that are keeping you busy!

  7. ©bruno says:

    Very nice picture with some interesting words to it.

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