I Love Craigslist

I found this ad on Craigslist whilst looking for an apartment in Seoul. What a dickhead. I hope a tranny moves in.

FREE RENT TO THE PERFECT SEXY FEMALE. I am a SWM British Man and seek a female roommate. I have a 3 bedroom apartment in JINHAE near Changwon. send photos and lets talk. I will take care of all expenses including food. I emphasize this a roommate with benefits or live in girl friend type situation. So if that doesn’t appeal to you no problem and good luck.

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4 thoughts on “I Love Craigslist

  1. DD says:

    😀 well I hope the police do a sting operation and nab him. Or maybe they should send a guy dressed like a girl and fool him that way. I doubt he would really know, going by his dumbness!! 🙂

  2. katja says:

    haha, “a guy dressed like a girl” that is what I thought too. I imagined Ross in a dress and fool him.

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