In the mean time……a poem



the antagonist

of your dreams between blinks

The one who all of this belongs to

The past, I mean,

The future was always yours



Always there

That matter on your couch that your mum didn’t like

The trustee of nothing sacred

but everything important



your him

our him

I was her him once

But only once


That stuff in films

tickling breath of celluloid

That make people angry, happy, angry, happy

Always happy

in the end

and in the start

and sometimes in the middle

but only for a moment



shapes in the clouds that I ordered for you

But blew them away,

because you liked them,

of course,

they were in your image

using glue that splits as it sticks

and clouds that cry

when you don’t notice


agony in pink


liking someone a little too much

Because they reflect your frown

in a skewed delight,

making circles with smiles

from edges sharp


just love

But I didn’t really


I just wanted her to love me



The elegant robot, feelings in sparks

Motions out of sync

With the sparks



The ballerina in the jewelry box

Your music, your lock

my crowbar

which wishes it wasn’t

going to break your stage

into pieces bigger than




no, not cunt

just bitch

had a little too much hair

in the wrong places

I could still see the scars where I went wrong

on purpose


The brakes rubbing rims

keeping me from 

the one that I’m supposed to have stopped thinking about

No, not her

the other one


9 thoughts on “In the mean time……a poem

  1. Rynna Saryonnah says:

    Hi Ross!
    I have to admit, I was a little confused when I read through this once, with all the hims and hers and yous.
    And when I ended, I thought, “Now I’m depressed!”
    Andddd. This has to be my favourite part:
    ”Always happy
    in the end
    and in the start
    and sometimes in the middle
    but only for a moment…”
    I like the “always…only” bit. =D
    Love your work!

    Oh. And I could get fired for this.
    I’m reading your blog at work instead of completing portfolios for my class. Gahhhh.

  2. Deidre Green says:

    I like this, Ross. There were a few lines I honest didn’t care for, but over all I think you balanced beautiful imagery with your own voice very well.

    Cheers to sad poetry about fragmented love!

    – Dre

    • I know, it was basically something I had sitting there but wasn’t really too keen on sharing. Been super busy of late and I need to keep posting a couple of times a week. Trying to keep my new stories a secret for the now…

  3. Not enough teenage goth comments here. Very disappointing.

  4. Rossi says:

    Cool… but bit confusing sometimes. My brain needed to think for a while! Thanx for this !

  5. “The trustee of nothing sacred

    but everything important”

    What a thought to have entered one’s mind!

  6. I loved it. You have wonderful imagery. I especially liked the first verse,
    “the antagonist
    of your dreams between blinks”
    it’s brilliant. Well done.

  7. Hi Ross! I saw the video you were in and I literally fell in love with you 😀 and if your the one who wrote everything on the papers then great job! I agree on everything and I’ve been fb clean for about 2-3 months now and I feel a lot better than i did with an account.
    and by the way your poem is really amazing. Love it.

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