A lovely young lady and her lovely old boyfriend told me about this website in a bar last night. Can someone please tell me how I go about using it? I literally have no idea what many of the words on the tutorials mean, and when I look up the words used to explain them I can’t understand what those words mean either.

I’m not retarded. I got this far without directly asking for help. But I do need it now.




6 thoughts on “Tumblr?

  1. ryanne says:

    I prefer soup.io. It’s less social 😉 and not so “advanced”.

    Tumblr is a streaming of… whatever you like – pictures, quotes, vids. If you like something you can copy that and post it on tumblr.

  2. Lola says:

    erm well I have a tumblr and it’s really simple. You post pictures and quotes and text or whatever but some people “reblog” whatever you post, or you can reblog what other people post. I personally love it because you only see in your dash, what you actually want to see, not a bunch of crap you’re not even interested in. I also like the fact that it’s really really customizable and it’s easy to do it and all.
    Reblogging is just like retweeting or forwarding something.
    Queing is making posts that’ll be published later.
    I think that is all yup okay bye I hope you have a nice day and all.

  3. Tess says:

    I helped my friend do her tumblr it is one of my favorite websites all the things you love in one place and you can run different blogs from major blog its genius mine are http://www.tuneintotess.com

    here is as helpful as I get:

  4. Shawn says:

    It’s microblogging. So, less is more. Short snippets rather than longer thoughts. Then you can re-blog (forward or push). Also, you can post lots of photos, music, videos and such. Since everyone seems to have attention deficit disorder, it seems to be catching on in the same way that twitter has. But if you ask me, Ross, I’ll take the time to read the long stuff.

  5. lauren says:

    tumblr is easy. sign up, choose a theme (there’s heaps of free ones that are cool, and you can change them all the time) do a couple of posts – funny pictures, clips, gifs (gif is a moving image… if you didn’t know) story or rant and then find people on tumblr buy randomly searching tumblr for things you like, you’ll get heaps of follows quick and there are heaps of wicked blogs out, majority of everyone on tumblr wants to be apart of the ‘family’ so they’re lovely, but always ready to share their opinions/thoughts etc about anything. Great place to be who you are, have fun and read the thoughts of some really great people. Took me couple weeks to get fully into mine, check it out rightkindawrong.tumblr.com

    Your “dashboard” is were your posts, and the peoples blogs you follow come up in a constant stream of pictures, word posts, memes, gifs, videos and pure greatness.

    your blog has a few features, your actual posts page, your ask box, your submission page (if you’ll let people submit posts on your blog, which you check first before they go up), “about me” section (if you want) and other pages will build as time goes by.

    few tumblr sayings to know:

    “gpoy” usually posted underneath a reblog or picture that represents how you feel or an aspect of your life

    “smh” in certain contexts can mean ‘so much hate’; ‘shake my head’

    a forward slash / then a word or sentence is the tumblr form of a /conclusion

    “dfjsaljlkjkv” – random collection of letters stands for frustration, love etc any heightened sense of emotion when you’re lost for words.

    and good thing bout tumblr – most people don’t like facebook, “facebook friends” are not allowed to get updates from your tumblr; because facebook makes people hate and tumblr makes people love.

    lastly as this is a very long comment, you can be anyone you want on tumblr, and most people choose to be themselves because individuality, personality, originality and and all the “ality’s” you can think of are celebrated on their. your blog is yours where you don’t have to apologise and where people, if they don’t like it can simply not “follow” you.

    peace x

  6. Mel :3 says:

    I thought I’d start by saying that I’ve just found your blog, and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to read your work! You’re honestly an amazing writer, and I hope that one day I’ll be able to get my ideas across and thoughts down as well as you do. I was quite afraid to comment on any other posts, but I thought it would be best to offer my opinion where it seemed fit.

    To be blunt, Tumblr is more or less a blogging site, but the community treat it like any other social networking site; “followers” being the measurement of success. Most mainstream users will post whatever is popular/ organize themselves into rigid stereotypes by posting exactly what is wanted from the image they attempt to portray/ do whatever will get them noticed/ post pictures of themselves half naked, in hopes to becoming famous and gaining followers. For the most part, everyone on there says that it’s a place to express yourself, but in reality it’s consumed by shallow teenagers who feel as though it’s important to be recognized on the internet. It’s not a bad site, it’s just filled with very annoying people. It’s a very good place to vent and write and collect your thoughts in the most simple way, but it all depends on how you choose to use it I guess. There are many blogs filled with genuine people and a lot of inspirational things, but you have to look.

    If you do get a Tumblr, I’ll definitely follow you, but you have to promise never ever ever to succumb to the ways of the attention seeking bastards! 😡
    *shakes fist*

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