The Millionaire Boy’s Club

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54 thoughts on “The Millionaire Boy’s Club

  1. Subtlety. says:

    I can almost guarantee, that the second tab was left intentionally.{;<

  2. Justina says:

    You are worth to have more than 1 million review of youre video. I can guarantee, that your video help to a lot of childrens to get of facebook.
    I proud of you. Because of you I dont have facebook now. I dont know how, but you can watch and make shure, by searching my acc in FB: Justina Dabrisiute
    Thank you.

  3. lovely rita says:

    free gay porn pictures?

  4. Iulia says:

    I just felt in love…

  5. viiper91 says:

    usualy i don`t leave comments on blogs , but i like this video , and i want to tell you that you did a great job! . and i like that joke with ” free gay porn pictures ” :)) gg

  6. Mariaaaa says:

    gay porn pics.. good one :))
    congrats for the video, made me think about it

  7. Jo says:

    OMG! I Love you too!!! 😉

  8. Daniel says:

    Great job in the video.

  9. Samantha says:

    I helped. Posted it to my Facebook page, of course.

  10. Sandra says:

    Loved your video, and I didn’t see it on facebook. I saw it on tumblr 🙂

  11. valery says:

    that’s really great.i loved it! i really did.and yes,i watched it on facebook and this kinda sucks.

  12. Beth says:

    Fantastic video. Saw it on Facebook. Made me think.

  13. n66bitar says:

    so sad you’re gay. my hopes are crushed

    greetings from Estonia

  14. Amelie says:

    You are my heroe. I am not clean, I’m a facebook addicted and I don’t like it. You gave me hope: next sunday I’m gonna try to get rid of this horrible habit I have to go on facebook. I like your way of writing and your way of thinking, I don’t agree with everything, but most of it 😉
    By the way, I hope you know that now, a lot of girls have a crush on you: keep smiling, it makes us fall!

  15. Justina says:

    With job in south Korea. Do you really work english teacher in south Korea?

  16. ME says:

    Chansung oppar, your korean twin:

  17. Lisa* says:

    Did I mention that I seen your video in my Geography class? We were talking about Facebook, pros and cons I guess, can’t really remember (since we always seem to talk about stupid shit that isn’t related to Geography). Somebody mentioned the video, we watched it on Youtube, on the projector. Weird?
    I went back to look at the video to find out what the song was called, then I came across the link to your blog, as I do appreciate a good read.

  18. Lourdes says:

    That was a great video. I came all the way from Facebook to tell you that. 😛 I admit I tried to give up my account a couple of times, but then I realized networking was quite useful for my job so I reactivated my profile -this time, with no pictures whatsoever, no information about my love life and only impersonal status updates. It actually worked. Getting off the site is no solution, unfortunately, since you are tagged on pictures anyway. By staying put, on the other hand, a person can at the least control what’s being published about him or her and ask the traitor to delete the infamous images. Just saying.
    I enjoyed your video, none the less. 🙂 It made me feel good and, if you have really managed to stay away from Facebook for over 5 months, you are my new hero. Congratulations. Do tell me how.

  19. I’ve been watching your video via twitter (FTW!) … You’re a genius, man. I mean it.

    With Love.


  20. Kadri says:

    Great video. Saw it on youtube.
    It really made me think about the influence of facebook. But I didn’t block my account. It’s still important for me to keep in touch with people I can’t see often and my phone bills are allready large so.. But that idea.. It is really brilliant :).

    Greetings from Estonia :).

    PS. In Estonia Kadri is a girls name.. I thought it’s nessessary to say cause in some countries it’s a boys name ;).

  21. solipsist without ipse says:

    hi. ross: this is: splendid material. i have left behind the eerie world of exposed social life forever.

    since then i have 7 friends left. solid. we ride bikes of the same color. we dream excerpts of each other’s dreams when we sleep. we are talking about formulating that one grand critique of facebook.

    we worship slavoj žižek: “i hate facebook. if you use it more than an hour a day you should be mobilised to clean streets for useful work.”

    (ps: s.ž. is on facebook)

  22. Sara says:

    Just another comment…
    Thank you so much for this video Ross. The society we live in today force us to think that our life is going to be some how better by being popular, even if virtually.
    I don’t believe in that. I do believe that life can be better just by doing simple things that makes us happy, and not by letting a smiley give that impression.
    We all know that no one is Laughing out loud when “LOL” is written.
    I still use facebook, and I am glad I do, because otherwise I wouldn’t see your amazing video (btw great choise of music… is one of my personal favorites)
    All the best for you. You have a beautiful mind.

  23. Kyle says:

    From one social media to the next, despite this fact, prolonged use of any profile based media simply forces you to define yourself along certain social norms, that can’t be construde as norms anyway since really what is “normal”. I see this as being more normal that filling in “what is on your mind?” on facebook (sitting silently hoping for a response to something they could respond to in person, hell you might not have even said that in person), an actual acted out statement! is far more profound than updating me that you have found change in your couch. But this does not subtract from the fact that without the www we wouldn’t have seen this, nice one ross, but unfortunately we are surrounded by it. We can only hope that one day we all might rediscover our own front doors and move past our front lawns into what used to be know as the world.

  24. solipsist without ipse says:

    another thing has to be said though: one of the first slides you show in your movie clip is seriously (and as such seriously hurtful) ableist! that makes that whole film less cool / less serious / less substantial / less solid. and facebook needs a serious / solid critique.

    • I think each slide has its own reason for being there and I wouldn’t try insult a large number of unfortunate people for no reason. I don’t agree with you but I appreciate your opinion.

      Thanks x

  25. Jesus Christ says:

    i think your video sends out a horrible message. at least Facebook doesnt waste paper and helps keep the planet clean! YOUR VIDEO IS A WASTE OF FUCKING PAPER!

    • “I think you’re video sends out a horrible message”

      Horrible message? A little bit like that one you just sent to me?
      If you watched the video and felt inspired to waste paper then I think you can join the swelling ranks of Youtube commentators across the world who missed the point entirely.



  26. Katja says:

    I would love watching you on tv as a comedian or an actor. Have you ever think of beeing an actor? But I expect nothing!
    But also, I’d like reading your stories from the old and new blog. I like your style in writing. It is very funny!

    Best wishes from Germany!

  27. mynamesdan says:

    hi dude. great video. passed it on via facebook.

    i’m sure there’s already been a deluge of responses and parodies of your film, and please understand that i respect what you’ve said in it, but doesn’t it make you sad to exclude yourself from the network? I’ve tried a few different angles at it and in the end i have to say it’s made me really happy, and now i probably check it every couple of days, but it doesn’t have to rule me, you know?

    i’m really glad to have met people through it, and stayed in touch with people i couldn’t see in my day to day life.

    i feel pretty cynical about it too, at times, but i’m pretty sure i’d feel left out if i went cold turkey. i’m pretty sure i would miss out on stuff. I’d have missed that party. it was a good party, too! i’d have forgotten my mate’s birthday, and instead i remembered and made him an awesome gift.

    i guess what i’m asking is: when you realise you’re getting withdrawal, will you make another film and talk about that aswell?

    all the best, mynamesdan

    • The thing is man, I like having a small pool of friends and not cluttering up my life with acquaintances. It just makes things so much simpler and the emails that you get from your close friends and family can really make you happy and feel valued. I don’t know man, I didn’t even notice not having it because, ultimately, you’re the boss. You can quit if you want to, you can stay if you want to. I didn’t need it or enjoy having it, so I binned it.

  28. Nicole says:

    I fell in love with you because of this video. Please keep changing the world in positive ways, fuck the media machine. It’s all about the ME machine.
    You get it obviously.


  29. Leigh Anderton says:

    Hi Ross

    Great video, like the one Bob Dylan did.
    I think the message you give is very important, as lots of people dont realize they have a choice in this matter.
    The separation between self and all media role models, social networking and hollywood generated hype sets up un truthful
    expectations, comparisons that if not watch out for ultimately do your head in.
    you also hone it down to our core need to love and be loved.


  30. Ashley Preston says:

    Ross, i have to thank you. You have allowed me to take a step back, pause and really change my perspective on it all. I will keep my facebook account active for the purpose of sharing photos of my daughter with my family. And you’re right….it’s not me. We do become someone else. Moving, inspiring, it would be an honor to shake your hand 😉 thank you.

  31. lynn says:

    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about how im tired of everyone leaving comments and ect on my facebook about what i wear or say or anything really. She sent me video and told me to watch it. I did, and I called her crying actually and told her that im ready to get rid of my facebook. So her and I are getting together tomorrow for coffee and we are going to shut my facebook down.
    Thankyou so much, with out your video i wouldnt be getting rid of my facebook account. thankyou again!!!

  32. Lou says:


    I’m intrigued by your writing. It’s raw and totally draws the reader in.
    Well done.

    “What is essential, is invisible to the eye”

    From one teacher to another,


  33. Elvin says:

    Hey there,

    Watched your video off youtube. It totally rocks! Glad to know there are still people out there who find facebook repulsive. Keep it up!

  34. Chloe says:

    I’m glad that you give us some hope. Maybe social human life isn’t dead already. Maybe we’re can live again without these hundreds of eyes watching you anytime (is the facebook community a new big brother?)
    Anyway, i did love the video (from france, by the way), it made me smile.
    Good luck in Korea, and i hope you still happy

  35. rehane says:

    I’ve seen this video three times in a row.
    It made my day 🙂

  36. anyz says:

    you have the sweetest smile on the planet ;3

  37. marianne says:

    Ironically I just saw your video on facebook!
    I’m from Brasilia, Brazil, and you’re right on almost everything…
    But even I really like my profile and don’t intend to delete it!
    Just going to leave a “hello “, out of curiosity I went to your blog to know more about you!

  38. Sonya says:

    This is brilliant. haven´t been online since I saw it. 🙂 that u . 🙂

  39. Gina says:

    Wait so…are you okay?

  40. Gina says:

    Wow…I meant to put gay…
    I guess both work out either way…lol.

    • Is it ever as simple as being straight or gay? I don’t really believe that a person is completely one or the other, but I’m certainly more straight than gay.

      But I’m okay, yeah, just getting a bit idle in Nepal. It won’t last much longer though.

  41. Krystallia says:

    Very good job!! Well done! Really touching! And very honest!

  42. Luciana Damião says:

    Congratulations, you deserve it .. I saw the video on facebook and loved it, still have active account but I see things differently now.

    By the way love you too !

    Peace & Love from Portugal.

  43. Anthony says:

    I am French.

    ‘Just want to tell you many thanks for your video.
    I mean it.
    In my opinion, even if you certainly don’t care, I think you realy should not stop your way of thinking by just one video.
    Again, i think your role is to do more, to explain more.

    There’s some parody on youtube… If you have time and of course want to, you could answer to the most “relevant” of them.

    I think that you have more than just one line to write, more thant just a “start of thinking about it” way video…

    Maybe you totaly don’t care but, you can’t just let this started work go.

    I am on Facebook and I HAVE watched and shared it on FB.
    I think I am like a huge amont of young persons addict.
    It’s like the mobile telephone, we don’t need it until we have it, in really really worst, and so much more addictive.
    In fact now, your phone tells to all your FB “friends” where you are and with who… Ok you choose to show/share it but when your addict, in fact, you don’t.

    I realy would like to stop FB, but in reality, with reflexion, I am at a stade of mind to tell to myself, “ok, I delete it, and then, what I do? What can I do? What should I do? How can I contact my old friends without using this network?” and many other questions and so everything falls.
    It is the fact because I think that you have much more to give us, you are clean, omg, that is so the truth… And i am jealous that i can’t tell the same.

    Even if you really don’t care, thank you for the way you show through this too small video.

    PS : Sorry for the teacher you are to be so bad in english ^^ Because I am sure to have many mistakes in this text!

  44. Judit says:

    [First of all, my english is not really well]
    I agree with you, I’m (almost)19 years old and I didn’t have a facebook, every classmates and teachers and relatives and friends had but I didn’t because I didn’t want to show myself for every people, I didn’t want to see 342343254 people on my profile who I don’t know and I dont care about. It’s just so uncomfortable for me, it’s like I have to prove that I have friends, I have a life, I exist.. I don’t have to prove to anybody that I have a life and I thought that if somebody wants something from me, he or she will find a way to contact me, even if I don’t have a fucking facebook. Then I met a boy who live far away from me and I registered only for him, that was the only way (okay not the only but the cheapest way) to keep contact with him, and I really like him so that wasn’t a big sacrifice for him. I am a facebook user for about 6-7 months, and I think that it has good sides and it’s useful, you just have to use it in a clever way. I don’t upload 345245234 pictures of myself, I don’t upload picture of myself if I think ‘that’s not me’. Maybe somebody judge me for my pictures, for my taste in music, in movies but I really dont give a shit. I have 120 friends, and about 2 are real friends from the 120 but I am happy for them and I don’t really care about the other ones. For me, facebook is just like telehone. I have 30 names in my phone but I never call anybody, that doesn’t mean that I should throw my phone away. I partly agree with you but I won’t leave facebook. It’s really sad that these days many people live their life on facebook.. but it can be useful, if you’re not a facebook addict. I use fb just for chat and the message sending opportunity. I never write bullshit on my wall, I never show my relationship status. And you know, the truth is, you can quit fb but people won’t change, they will judge you, they will be secretly happy for your bad luck etc.
    But I’m really happy to know an opinion like yours. I’m sure that you’re a good person: )
    [I hope that you can understand me, honestly, this is the first time when I write a reply in english on the internet..: )]

    Judit from Hungary

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