Hello Brother or Sister!

Welcome brethren and thank you for your curiosity!

You probably followed me here via Facebook or Youtube. Don’t panic, this seemingly hypocritical act of self-promotion was both intended and foreseen 😉

I don’t really know what I will be posting on here but I will be updating it regularly. So if you like my imagination, please feel free to return to it whenever you please.

Piece and ruv


Ross Gardiner xXx

57 thoughts on “Hello Brother or Sister!

  1. Korea says:

    So I watched your video about facebook, on facebook of course, and when I was watching it, I knew almost instantly that you were an english teacher in South Korea. I saw all the Korean, and the CGV sign in the background. Love that country, been there for a year. Great job on that video, and keep up the good work…

  2. Razvan says:

    Congratiulations for your acting in the “you need to get off facebook”movie clip. I’m curious how didn’t you get distracted by the other people who walked by. 😀

  3. Charis says:

    It’s like you know me! Your video was my facebook! Key word…WAS. I deleted it! I’m only a week clean but it actually isn’t too bad! Kicking my nail bitting habit was worse. I love that you teach English abroad! How did you get into that? I have been researching how to get abroad for a couple weeks now and am so eager to start! Please get back to me and tell me about your travels!

  4. Viktorija says:

    I absolutely adore you! 🙂
    Best wishes, V.

    • paulina says:

      i first saw youre video on tv in germany i really like it..you look like macaulay culkin :P..greets from germany

  5. Nastou says:


    I’ve seen your video about facebook (on facebook i have to admit..) and I just wanted to tell you that you have the cutest smile i’ve ever seen… and I really mean it, I just hope that it’s not too fake…
    Anyway, I wish you the best, wherever you’re going =)

    (sorry if i’ve made some mistakes, i’m french)

  6. Soukyan says:

    Strange. I admire you for that video. Ironically I shared it on my facebook page. I know you’re absolutely right about that all, but I comfort myself with the thought that I’m no standart facebooker. My pictures don’t show my face. My profile was extended via copy/paste trick, even though I saw the mistakes I made earlier when I wrote it (english is far from first language I learned). And I never added a single person I disliked. Even though there’s plenty of those who I don’t even know.
    I will see if I manage to follow you from here. I have a strange feeling about this, but temptation to look into the life of an interesting person always had the upper hand with me.

    • crategod says:

      That was a lot of effort to go to to justify yourself to the rest of the internet…who dont even know you.

      : l

      • Norma says:

        He did intend the comment to be directed at the author of this soon-to-be blog: “I admire YOU”.

  7. dimitraki says:

    I found you from the movie about facebook..just fell in love with your acting ..keep going sweet 🙂

  8. Val says:

    Hey! I like what you did on…for…again…about (???) Facebook. Like your attitude. Are you really going to India? Hope you’ll find happiness somewhere in a corner in 2011. Bonne année!

  9. mhyra says:

    yes, i tracked you down, and it was sad to realize that i went that far and actually stalked you. even sadder, especially because i did it after watching that video and totally agreeing every word that it said. ironic.

    but loved the idea, loved the music, and loved your hat!

    am i gonna do anything about my facebook? i don’t think i am that strong, living with facebook for 4 years now, it is like breaking up with your friend who gives you the best gossips 🙂

  10. rissou says:

    you are an awesome person ross gardiner. i have a facebook rarely use it but have observed many people do as you descride in your video. i hope you help some people. best of luck to you in your life

  11. Yvonne says:

    FB account deactivated.
    Thanks for the video. Wish you all the best!

  12. Lauren says:

    I seen your video on stumbleupon.. and I can honestly say you are beautiful haha and I might be in love with you. Ohh the internet ;).

  13. Petra says:

    OK, the video is great and funny, and you are indeed sweet 🙂
    But is it just me, or does everyone take you too seriously? I mean you are right about everything, and some of the things you pointed out are problem in general, like the way people people “rape” English language. (High, how r u?)
    But still, it feels to me more like “Hello, I’d like to share with you my opinion about FB. Here are the reasons why I think it’s not good to have an account there, and I’m making it extreme, so it’s funny. And you will realize I’m right, and maybe you will think about it, but there’s no need to take me too seriously. :)”
    And I don’t mean this as an offense to anyone, it’s only that I think the video is much more complex than most people seem to realize 🙂

  14. Gwen says:

    Hey! As everyone, I saw your video about facebook. It was really inspirational. Why did you decide to go to Korea? Is it for a year or forever? I know I won’t get an answer, but I was curious. My boyfriend (well, now ex) has gone to China to teach English there.

    Oh, and I agree with Laura. Might have a tiny crush on you, 🙂

    Cool video! Best wishes. xxx

  15. Lisa* says:

    You have excellent grammar. I like that. I never read blogs but your writing is amazing, i’m captivated to read more.

    Your smile is infectious and charming. Never stop smiling!
    I liked the video as well, especially the last part. It made me smile! It also made my day. I Loved the music as well.

    I’d love to read more about your travels. Come to Canada, it’s cold sometimes, but very welcoming! Unless you’ve already been here… and didn’t find it very super cool and awesome. Although, I would love to leave Canada any day.

    Anyway, you are an inspiration and a interesting wonderful person. Remember that.

    All the best to you. ❤

  16. erdemja says:

    i bet you’re a much more wonderful human in person than your blog and your picture you have here.

  17. Kimberleigh says:

    Hi Ross,

    Just wanted to say you are awesome! I think your creative style is exceptional and I love your writing and your video! Keep up the awesome work and all the best to you sweets!


  18. Laurie says:

    Intellectualism and introspection are not dead. It’s GOOD to be painfully honest. Even if others can’t deal with it, at least you’re not lying to yourself. Guessing you are OC, too, as all truly creative types must surely be – it’s all in the details. Just don’t let it be your downfall, if you know what I mean. Oh, and as an aside, please eat something. 🙂

    We all look forward to future musings.

  19. otokajo says:

    I think your video is very nice, because it shows how lonely some people are.

    I have so many questions to ask, but will you even read it?

    Well I’ll try with two:
    1. Do you found your place on Earth, there in Korea?
    2. How to get job there when you’re not English or American? (i’ve heard that foreigners are not welcome)

    I feel deep in my heart that the place i live now isn’t my place on Earth, and it might seem stupid, but I don’t care.

    I really hope to see the reply from you. I wish you all the best!

  20. Hope says:

    I loved your video about facebook.
    you are a very inspiring person :] I read your writings on this site and i really enjoyed them! You have a unique voice and your stories are so good!
    Also i wanted to ask about how you became an english teacher abroad. i’m considering studying to do that but i don’t know where to start!
    thanks so much!

  21. Lorena says:


  22. Dina says:

    Love your facebook video. Unfortunately, it’s quite an easy way to keep in touch with everyone, especially when they live a bit everywhere in the world.
    I delete my facebook account regularly, for few months and then back again. Sometimes you have to play the game.

    Funny, I’ll probably go to Korea soon, heard you don’t need to speak korean to teach over there. Well I’m french anyway and I don’t think they’re looking for a lot of french teachers. Might read your articles later on, but unfortunately I will not be able to appreciate your writing skills as I’ll be more concerned about understanding everything. *sigh*

    PS : If you want to marry me, I’m up for it.

  23. alien82 says:

    man u are great!… i have good 😀 weed

  24. Viv says:

    Still say you should be here & have an agent!!!

  25. seko423 says:

    love ur videos ,cant wait to see more
    and u should go to HK to teach English 2 ha
    just curiouslty that why would u choose to go to S.Korea to teach english
    anywayz ,take care and have fun there=]
    Seko xxx

  26. Luisa Chanel says:

    First of all, I’m from Germany, so sorry for the bad english. Anyway.. Ross, you are more than amazing or fantastic.
    You are you and i swear, life is full of fake people,
    but you are not. You are the truth and thats so fucking amazing and exactly what we need. Keep it real!

    and hats off for the good work,
    I’m so in love with your facebook video 🙂

    Lots of love,
    Luisa from Germany

    Ps: Take care with yourself 🙂

  27. IV A says:

    DO YOU LIKE FILM HOWL (2010) ???

  28. Hope says:

    I have to say.. I’ve watched your YT video twice now.

    Congrats on your 5 months and 17 days facebook sober. Wish I could say the same. Not much to do when you’re laid up in bed with the flu, ‘cept post oodles of youtube music links to facebook and surf reddit (which is where I found your video).

    Cannot thank you enough for the last seconds of that clip. They made me smile. Quite a lot.

    And, OMG I ❤ U 2! 🙂

    You're absolutely precious.

    Be well,

  29. lowritri says:

    This site reminds me of any other social networking site – only it has the word ‘blog’ in it which makes it très cool (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzocvh60xBUa)

    I enjoyed your video a lot, but must say I think it’s silly to be so anti-facebook – it, along with other networking sites is an excellent tool to have when used correctly.

    I was going to elaborate but I need my fix of ‘LMFAO’ and ‘POKES’ now ‘LOL’.

    PS – Thank you for the guy to your left from 4:18 of the video also… he made made me smile Hahah.


  30. Adriana says:

    It will be a pleasure to return….

  31. Rennke says:

    If I’d be in South Korea, I think we’d be friends 🙂
    and happy birthday, even if it’s a little late ..

  32. Kiiim says:


    Just came to say – congrats for ur anti-facebook video! And yep, u were right, my friend sent it to me on facebook =)

  33. claudia says:

    HI there!!!
    First I must say your anti-facebook video just makes me sooo happy!! congratulations for the amazing work..everything in it is completely true and the way you presented it is simply awesome! Plus you have the cutest face and cutest smile 🙂

    I also read some of your stuff on the blog and I think you write beautifully!! also very entertaining! Please keep doing what you’re doing…it does make a difference! I know it did for me today!!

    Much Love!!!

  34. Cath says:

    Hi,I´m from Czech Republic and I saw your video,you know,about facebook surely and on facebook surely. 😀 I really liked your work. It´ best video “hate facebook” of every videos. ^^ I hope you´ll read this comment and I´m sorry for my english,i´m 17 years old student so.. 😀

  35. Ineta says:

    I like when you said.. Fuck.. : )
    Inna : )
    and also one thing.. your smile : )

  36. Don says:

    Life is a story written all around the world in texts, blogs and on the walls of Facebook. This gives those with the ability to read and interpret these stories insight to the future. Media and social networking are slowly stripping us of our individuality making us more predictable. With our next distraction just a click away we have become mentally lazy and impatient. Giving more power to those who can deliver what we want and what do we want? MORE!

  37. Gostei do seu video e o blog é muito interessante também,do Brasil e sou professora usei seu video com meus alunos.Abraços.

  38. georgia says:

    Apparently this video is not brand new, but it’s only been shown in Brazil this week, I guess it means Facebook is not working very well… Too slow.
    Nice work, keep doing this (See? There’s no “like” button, so I have to write something).

    Ps.: “I’m contente” was cute. And it made some sense.

  39. Nanda says:

    Hi, Ross. I’m from Brazil too and I found your video very interesting, but I’d like to make a short comment…. I agree with you that Facebook may make people become more fragile( in sense of careing too much about oter peoples opinion’, playing personas)… There is also all the bad things about Mr Suckerman selling our personal information… BUT… It’s a tool to spread information, to promote social mobilization, to make people wonder about issues they don’t by just watching their poor tv channels.
    I believe the internet may be used as a tool for a social revolution.
    It’s a tool. People just have to learn how to use it.
    You can kill by using a knife, but you can also use it share a pice of bread….
    The thing is: We shoul migrate to another social network, not as sold as facebook. But I thing we should keep connected into a global net!

  40. Ana Flávia says:

    You’re awesome, I loved what you wrote and wanted to know more of your ideas! You are very intelligent and beautiful, hahahaha keep it up, kisses

  41. Ana Flávia says:

    esqueci de dizer sou do Brasil entao se estiver muito errado, esqueça ! hahahahah bye

  42. Nanda says:

    Hopefuly, You’ll post my comments.

    It’s important to help people learn how to make a good use of facebook.
    It’s a very powerfull tool for social mobilization!!

    You’ right about how it could get stingy if people use it only for self promotion…

    So, let’s incentivate people to use it for a social change instead!

  43. Leticia says:

    Hey there,
    this is yet another person who loved your facebook video.
    Thanks for making me think about it. I’m not getting out completely, but I am definitely going to make myself rare again.

    Good luck with your experience as a teacher. I know I loved mine and will never forget how gratifying a profession it is.


  44. la cuevas says:

    You are sooo cute! Awesome your video! Kisses from cualquier parte del mundo!

  45. VG says:

    Helloo, even though it’s been a while since your facebook video I would like to thank you for it, it’s made me feel a lot less paranoid about my facebook and it’s even saved my parents from arguing….could you believe that facebook was actually destroying my parents marriage? I showed them this video with hopes of saving them, and i think its working 🙂
    So thank you again, and also if you like travelling and stuff there’s a book called “What am I doing here?” by Vintage Chatwin, it’s a collection of awesome travel writing pieces.

  46. Si Carey says:

    Nice video, looks like you’re in with the chicks mate, they do gush a bit though. If it wasn’t for family abroad and the hilarious stuff my friends put up, I’d delete. I just don’t take it that seriously!

    Good track too 😉

    • Cheers Simon! I know what you mean about the attention from women. I’ve sort of trained myself to completely ignore it haha.

      Facebook is what you make it at the end of the day. I have to admit that I’d quite like to have one again but I ate my cake in one big bite!

      Thanks for coming here though! I really appreciate it x

  47. Meli Paco says:

    Loved that fb video, true stuff…and also the other video (the church video) which actually made me laugh! btw, you are one hot guy 😀 // greetings from sweden!

  48. lucielegrand46@wanadoo.fr says:

    I had my profile deleted for a month when i watched your beautiful video on youtube. Thank you. It confirmed i made the right choice. Greetings from france !

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